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Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Grizzly Way 131014 (Lot’s To Do)

Grizzly Way 131014 (Lot’s To Do)


This is what I showed up to Monday morning, what a mess. My work laptop’s hard drive totally died, like Wicked Witch of the East dead, house on top, toes curled up, mess. At least I got a good session in before I had to deal with this mess…


Nothing like a :40/:40 x 14 to start a Monday. I’m seriously in love with my Marc Pro. I can’t really place words on how much it helps. Think about all the “active recovery” you read about, or promise yourself you’ll do, the AM flushes and long warmups to get things feeling good again. This does all of that, while you’re sitting at work, watching movies, whatever. It’s rather costly, and I can see people without competitive aspirations not really understanding it, but from my perspective, doing 2 sessions a day at least 4 days a week, it’s almost a necessity. I wouldn’t want to live my life without it.


Airdyne 40:40 (work:rest) x 14 sets, record calories per set
16, 18, 17, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 17, 18, 18, 17, 17, 19

A1: Press 3RM
A2: COVP Pullup 3RM
8 Rounds:
B1: COVP Hold (hands facing face) x 10 sec; rest 20 sec
B2: 8 Perfect Pushups; rest 20 sec
C1: Hollow Body Hold 10:20 (work:rest) x 8 sets

4 Rounds:
In 60 sec
21 Thrusters (95#)
21, 21, 21, 16+5
max CTB Pullups in remaining min
rest 5 min between rounds

rest 5 min

4 Rounds:
In 60 sec
Row max meters
340, 321, 321, 323
rest 5 min between rounds
*record HR for conditioning

Training yesterday was a beast. Normally on AM Airdyne days the PM session either doesn’t have conditioning, or its something pretty quick and slow, or controlled. The 4 rounds of 1 min ME Thrusters and Rowing really dragged me over the coals. The gymnastics work is starting to feel right, I finally broke through my vertical press plateau of 170×3, which I attribute to the extra shoulder/scapula/upper back work. The weighted pull ups actually felt really good as well, turning weaknesses into strengths…who knew?! Everything else went well gymnastically speaking. The real story starts with the Thrusters…I hate thrusters, 6’2″ is a long distance to close, and that front rack is a tough position for me. The first 2 rounds actually went pretty well, the 3rd was pretty tough, but still managed not to put the bar down, the 4th was a disaster, had to break at 16, pretty much died. Good to know I’ve got 2 “Fran’s” worth of thrusters in the bank though. What really surprised me was how bad I was at rowing after all of that. Between the AM airdyne, the pressing and weighted pulling, and then thrusters, I had almost nothing to put into the row. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually felt like I was doing too much, hungry and tired, I just wanted to go home and get my goat milk in.

MFS | 1 – 5 – 2


  1. I’m really going to have to stop reading, because you just keep making me want to buy increasingly expensive toys. 😛

    • Hahaha don’t stop reading! I’ll start putting my expensive toy comments in spoiler panes 😀

  2. Keep em coming – I just bought an Airdyne. What else can you help me justify to my wife?

    • Probably one of the best comments I’ve ever gotten! If you can find a way to justify the Marc Pro to her you’d be my hero. Its a fantastic little machine.

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