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Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 131016 & 131017 (Guess Who’s Back?!)

Grizzly Way 131016 & 131017 (Guess Who’s Back?!)

I’m combining Wednesday and Thursday’s training because Wednesday was pretty much unremarkable, minus breaking the 15k mark on my long slow duration rows. That and the 40 minute warmup I had to do to even feel like rowing… yes I was that sore from those lunges, even with the Marc Pro it was a painful endeavor. I think it took me until my Thursday PM session to really even feel like I could move properly again.


Row 70 minutes, maintain a heart rate of 130-150 beats per minute
15648 m



Session 1:
Work to heavy clean for the day
122 kg (max attempt 124 kg)
Clean Pulls 3×3
122kg, 130kg, 135kg
Rack Jerks 3×3
100kg, 110kg, 110 kg

Session 2:
A1: Max reps Muscle Ups x 1 set
14 Rounds:
B1: 2 CTB Pullups; rest 20 sec
B2: 2 Clapping Pushups; rest 20 sec

12 Rounds:
C1: COVP Hold (hands facing face) x 10 sec; rest 20 sec
C2: 8 Perfect Pushups; rest 20 sec

D1: Hollow Body Hold 10:20 (work:rest) x 12 sets

I split my Thursday into Session 1 and Session 2 to avoid confusion, sometimes I realized it looks like I do all that work straight through, but I don’t. I go to the Lab and do the weightlifting focus first, then I rest, and eat for a few hours and go and do the next session, so I’m usually a little fresher than if I’d just gone right into it. Some days are worse than others but in general I manage to recover alright between the two.

Thursday was a good day because I finally am starting to make some strides on cleans, which are a pretty big goat right now, though it relates mostly to my front rack position and less my clean technique, but they are related. In general, the issue with my clean is finishing tall, and opening the hip all the way, I tend to try and short the pull and get under the bar too quickly, which pushes everything forward and just looks ugly. Obviously I’m making improvements as this is the most I’ve ever cleaned at the Lab. Looking back at the previous weeks at the Lab, it’s been 115kg, 116kg, 117kg and the like, so 122kg is a nice step to take and a solid 97% of my max.

Thursday’s gymnastics work was pretty menial, some of this is just building up a confidence and rhythm with the movements, and some is actually working on strength weaknesses in my shoulders and back. I’m not sure I really “feel” any changes yet, but hopefully we’ll go to retest some things in a few weeks and I’ll have more “results” to share. Though hitting 8 muscle ups in a max set for the 2nd time was a nice reassurance that it wasn’t a fluke the first time. I think with a little cleanup 10 is going to be well within my wheelhouse.

MFS | 1 – 3 – 5

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