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Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Grizzly Way 131029 (On The Mend)

Grizzly Way 131029 (On The Mend)

I’ve got to start this post honestly, I’m not having the best 6 weeks or so; something is wrong with my mental game, I thought last weekend’s vacation and unloading might shake it off, bring back that “fresh” and “engaged” feeling, but I’m just not feeling anything I do lately. I feel like I’ve hit a wall, I’m not making any real noticeable progress on anything, strength, conditioning, technique, gymnastics, everything just feels stagnant. I don’t do well with stagnant, especially putting in 15+ hours a week. I imagine it would be something like working a part time fast food job… In any case, I have a chat with Mike on Friday, so we’ll see what he has to say about it.

On the lighter side, my new protein mixture is on it’s way to my doorstep, 5 lbs. of the most effective and researched protein blend I’ve ever constructed. PeptoPro (Casein Hydrolysate), Whey Hydrolysate, and Leucine Peptides. Ideally, because it’s so much more effective, gram for gram, I should be able to take single scoop servings rather than double; so that should be interesting. Plus my new Reebok Long Haul Duffle is on it’s way – nothing like a new protein and a new gym bag to refresh some things.


Beef Heart Stew anyone??


A1: EMOM 6 min: 2 Back Squats @ 85%

AMRAP 14 min:
30 Double Unders
3 Deadlift (275#)
10 Box Jumps (24″)
*80% effort ~ 165 BPM

The other part of, “not feeling things”, lately is a recent shoulder injury. Doing muscle-ups on Monday I seem to have severely aggravated my AC joint. Then, like any good competitive Crossfitter, I proceeded to complete the full day of training, quite well might I add. The take home message though is that I can’t get my left arm overhead without sharp pain, really anything beyond about 100 degrees bothers it. That includes both passive and active flexion. I told Mike and he changed my Tuesday and Wednesday training, well really just Tuesday, Wednesday was already my long slow duration work. Yesterday I had to skip my session at the Lab, not much use doing 2 hours of snatch pulls, because that’s about all I could do.

Luckily I could still squat, and there are a set of movements that doesn’t bother it, mostly lower body. The squats yesterday were very different after a month of tempo squatting, the EMOM doubles felt very face paced, I struggled more than I would’ve liked, but part of that may have just been food, or recovery, or something else. I felt like I moved well through my 14 minute AMRAP, slowly finding those double unders bit by bit.

MFS | 8 – 4 – 4

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