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Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 131114 (Okay…I guess…)

Grizzly Way 131114 (Okay…I guess…)

In short order, let the pictures below serve as the story of my Wednesday, altogether appetizing and uninspiring. A quick 30 minute Airdyne session in the morning, and my gym time in the afternoon spent getting my tires rotated and the oil changed, didn’t stop me from enjoying a nice coffee, brussel sprouts and chicken breast though!



Now it’s Thursday. On paper, Thursday looked terrible, and when it looks terrible on paper, there are basically two ways it could turn out, you get into it and find yourself saying “oh that wasn’t that bad” or you get into it, and catch yourself looking for a way to get injured so you can stop and go home. Thursday was more the latter, it was a lot of work…


Session 1
Clean 1RM for the day
114kg (118kg max attempt)
Snatch 1RM for the day
84kg (88kg max attempt)

Session 2
A1: EMOM 10 min: 1 Burpee Muscle Up
12 Rounds:
B1: Chin Over Bar Hanging L-Sit (hands facing face) x 10 sec; rest 20 sec
B2: 8 Perfect Pushups; rest 20 sec

AMRAP 16 min:
5 Deadlift (315#)
10 Box Jumps (24″)
15 Toes to Bar
*85% effort

rest 10 min

AMRAP 16 min:
10 Pushups, hand release
10 Power Cleans (115#)
10 Overhead Squats (115#)
*85% effort

First off, something very strange has been going on, I believe with mobility, but perhaps it’s just one of those “I haven’t done this movement in 2 weeks and now it feels like humping a doorknob” moments. I went to clean yesterday at The Lab and pretty much forgot how to do it. The pulling part was fine, but I was shooting the bar off my hip like I’d never been taught how to clean before, and on the reps where I kept the bar vertical, I was collapsing in the bottom like a folding chair at Weight Watchers… Here’s what I thought was going on. My hips and ankles are loosening, I’m getting more range, and where I used to be tight because of mobility, I know have to be tight because I’m active in that position. So I was getting away with being a bit lazy, just because the tightness I needed was coming from my joints and not my muscles. Now I have to fight for a position that I’ve never fought for before, so when 110kg lands on me and I fold over, it’s not because the weight is heavy, it’s because the motor cue’s have fundamentally changed… it might take some practice, but I think ultimately this will lead to more success, even though yesterday felt much like a failure.

Where everything went wrong cleaning, everything went right snatching. The extra mobility (see above) has really helped me lock in that start position, so a nice straight pull is leading to some really nice finishing positions, both at the top of the hip, and under the bar. Again though, these positions, though good, feel very strange. That strangeness is where I’m missing weight, I catch the bar where it should be, not 2 inches forward where my shoulders have to fight to stabilize it, and suddenly I don’t know what to do, and drop it. I’m sure just about everyone has had experiences like this, so I’ll leave it there. Suffice to say, it’s going to be a pretty interesting learning process moving forwards.

True to form, it wouldn’t have been a complete day without some gymnastics to complain about! Now that my shoulder is more or less back to normal, I’m back at these terrible terrible gymnastics. I just hate them. Nothing feels right, or smooth, or good. I’m not sure if the progressions just aren’t working, or if I have yet to get the right cue’s together to make them fit, or if there’s still an underlying strength or mechanical weakness driving this. I know for sure I do muscle ups wrong, I don’t catch the dip, in a true dip, I catch the rings like they were a bar. Then came 96 pushups, a great warmup for an AMRAP of HR Push-ups (not)!

The real grinder for the day was the 32 minutes of AMRAP’s – just one of these would’ve been enough, both was a bit overkill in my opinion, but perhaps that was the point. The first, being the fresher of the two, obviously felt better, the deadlifts were heavy but not gross, I only ate shit on one box jump, which for that volume of deadlifts was pretty good, and did a shitload of TTB. Let’s see 6*15 = 90? That’s a good amount. My hands hurt today…

The second AMRAP was really the one I was dreading the most for two reasons; first, it was second, always worse; but secondly, the movements themselves were less to my strengths, power cleans are fine, but my push-ups were already fatigued, and OHS’s and I are just not meant for one another. Regardless of the weight, with limbs this long, that’s just a long way to travel, and a lot of stability that doesn’t come natural. Immediately after starting this I knew I was in trouble, from the 5th push-up in I basically couldn’t feel my shoulders, all I could do was just keep moving and hope no one looked at me… we’ve all been there too.

Not sure sore today, but fatigue is through the roof, just moving slowly, definitely taxed.

MFS | 2 – 7 – 3

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  1. Had the same thing happen to me recently…I am struggling to snatch as though I was never taught how…

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