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Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 131121 (Decisions)

Grizzly Way 131121 (Decisions)

The Crossfit Games Facebook page posted this after an interview with one of my favorite athletes, Lucas Parker.

“I’m learning to focus less on my 1RM numbers and find victories in accumulation of work and intensity.”

– Lucas Parker

I don’t like this quote because Lucas said it – that’s just where the sentiment entered my consciousness, I like it for two reasons. First, it demonstrates that even athletes of immense capacity and much greater training age still grapple with very similar problems as my own. Second, it involves a focus and personal growth. It’s not just a switch to flip, some rote pattern than can be ground down until you’re there. It’s a mental attitude.

This feeds in perfectly to so much of what I’ve been talking about lately. I understand it’s been quite debbie downer around here lately, but if nothing else, I’m honest. When things aren’t going well I’m not going to sugar coat them to make myself or anyone else look better. This is the process, this is all part of it, arguably this is a much more important part than any of the training or adaptation that gets so much of our attention.

I had a very frank conversation with Mike about 20 minutes ago now – and I said some things that weren’t easily said by me. I’m much more of a denial-ist than I would’ve thought, but its far easier for me to sweep some of this mentality/emotional stuff under the rug, than admit that I’m struggling. Obviously Mike was concerned, and I think we’re making some good moves to “right the ship” so to speak. There’s some work to be done on both our ends, but that’s part of the relationship. He doesn’t just feed me programming, and I don’t just pump back numbers. Just as Crossfit is not just about people with freakish work capacity.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 2.07.39 PM

This brings me to the tagline for today, “Decisions” – you have to make a choice. Everything is a choice, ignorance is a choice, learning to find victories other places, disconnecting yourself from your numbers or progress, finding validation in other places than exercise, these are all choices. The key here is that you’re engaged, this journey doesn’t reward those with blind passion, it rewards people who have passion and can get outside themselves long enough to make the right choices along the way.

My MarcPro care package got here yesterday – so look for that post and much more lively topics in a few days.


Snatch 1RM 85kg (88kg max attempt)
Clean 1RM 115 kg

Power Snatch (95/#)
Pushups, hand release
*90% effort

rest 5 min

Wall Ball Shots (20#)
Deadlift (225#)
*90% effort

Thursday was pretty trivial – as most of my unloading days are. I used the extra time to make some more progress on my shoulder, and free up some anterior tib, which get brutally tight on me still. Snatching seemed to be an exercise in how much patience I had – I’m afraid I failed. Snatch 1 – Dan 0. I think the larger issue is a lack of reps outside of Lab work – it’s just too long to go without finding those motor patterns, such that by the time the next week rolls around, I’m re-learning the same cues and movements I changed from last time, rather than making new adaptations. Mike and I talked about this too, we’re gonna work a bit more practice in to try and combat that, so that I can really get the most of these days.

The 12-9-6’s were pretty inconsequential. Little short sprints, exercises in outrunning the suck. I don’t love power snatches because you can never get as flat off the floor as you should be, unless you’re 5’7″… which I am not, so as much as I knew those didn’t look great – they were fast, and sometimes that’s just the price you pay. The deadlift/wall ball work was much smoother, no movement faults there to speak of, just a solid 129 seconds of fun.

MFS | 3 – 2 – 1

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