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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 131129 & 131130 (The Old Weaveroo)

Grizzly Way 131129 & 131130 (The Old Weaveroo)

Well with the Holiday and all – training this week got a bit interesting. I had to work Wednesday to fill in for people out of town, so I didn’t get to train. Rather than just writing off that day, I decided to make it up on Friday, while also doing Friday’s training. So I weaved the two together, Wednesday’s gymnastics movements, Friday’s strength movements, then all 3 metcons, followed by Airdyne intervals Friday night before dinner. Can’t do nothing, gotta do something!



A1: 1/2 Pullup Hold 20 sec x 3 sets; rest 2 min between sets
B1: EMOM 9 min: 2 Muscle Ups (video)

6 Rounds:
C1: 7 Ring Row, tempo 2121; rest 20 sec
C2: 12 Perfect Unbroken Pushups, tempo 2121; rest 20 sec

EMOM until failure:
15 ft. Legless Rope Climb 12

rest 3 min, then
EMOM, 16 min:
8 Burpees Min :17, max :21

A1: Front Squat 3 x 5; tempo 31X1; rest 3 min
B1: Heaving Snatch Balance + 2 Overhead Squats, find RM

7 Rounds:
in 60 sec:
8 Toes to Bar
max HSPU in remaining time
rest 3 min between rounds

Airdyne 40:40 (work:rest) x 20 sets, record calories per set

Where do I even start with all this. Altogether this took me about 4 and a half hours, including the Airdyne work. Some of it was fun, some of it was torturous. Most of it was done hungover. Gotta love Thanksgiving. The food didn’t bother me, the wine definitely did…

I’m not sure where to even start digesting all this work. I’m going to skip some of the gymnastics stuff, because we all know how much I like it. The legless rope climbs to failure were very interesting. Firstly, my hands were on fire when I finished. Second, how do you fail a legless rope climb? Fall off? It got very tough to judge when I should go for another. Finally at rep 12, I almost fell off on the way down, so I called it for safety. The EMOM burpees were actually a really nice way to get 128 burpees in, I think Mike’s onto something in a way of feeding in more volume without getting super beat up. Same with the minute of max effort wall balls, and that type of work.

The tempo front squats were much harder than I’d anticipated. My 1rm on front squats is 305, so I was expecting to get somewhere in the mid 200’s for this. Warming up at 185, it became readily apparent that that was not going to happen. I worked up to 205, and the last rep of each of these sets was a grinder. That pause in the bottom, even just a 1-count, really kills. That’s a large effort just to get that back up. My heart wasn’t really in the snatch balance, at this point my arms were pretty gassed from the gymnastics work, so just locking out 185 overhead was a mini-victory, let alone squatting it. My mobility was pretty good though so I was able to just keep the weight nice and centered behind my neck, which was nice.

Which left me a TTB/HSPU couplet, which wasn’t great, but also wasn’t awful. Though I’m thankful HSPU won’t come up in the open. All that was left then was a set of Airdyne sprints that I opted to do after a bit of rest thankfully. They could’ve been much worse, but I dogged it a little bit given the volume for the day I think it was wise. I did 16 calorie sprints instead of my normal 17, which doesn’t seem like dogging it, but is the difference between 95% efforts and 90% efforts, so it was just a little more bearable.



A1: EMOM 3 Snatches, increase 10 lbs each set until 3 rep failure, start at 135#

5 Rounds:
20 Wall Ball Shots (20#)
20 CTB Pullups
20 Pistols, scale as needed
20 Dumbbell Snatches (70#)

rest 10 min, then
Airdyne 18 min at 170 BPM
333 cal

Guess what doesn’t make a rushed 3rd pull better…snatching against a clock. Maybe 1 rep every minute, might have been bearable. But when all you can think is “get these reps in so you can rest” – let’s just say the form starts to break down pretty quickly. I really would’ve liked to do better on this, but I think there’s just too much technical going on right now with my snatch to do them for time and for weight at once. “Isabel” or power snatches at a moderate weight are one thing, but when you need to get technical, it takes a lot of practice to do that well and quickly; right now I’m still on the either/or side of things.

Hahaha – then we get to the 100’s workout from regionals. What you don’t recognize it, maybe because it’s split into 5 rounds of 20. I’m not entirely sure which is worse. I have a feeling they both suck in their own ways. Obviously the wall balls and db snatches were more or less not a problem. Sure they get you taxed and breathing, but 20 of each of those is hardly something to write about. 20 CTB’s and 20 Pistols, two of my larger goats, on the other hand, sent me running for the exits, metaphorically of course. I scaled the pistols to a box, that volume doing my “banded” scaling would’ve been cumbersome and inefficient, I’d lose the stimulus from the workout. The box was the smallest I could find, maybe 12″ which is a good step down for me. The CTB’s actually weren’t terrible, I managed 5’s for the first 60ish, and 4’s through about 85 or so, and then triples and finishing with doubles in the final sets. Still pretty pleased with that, though a butterfly kip will likely do wonders for me speed through this. Obviously I was well over the regional time cap, but still a fun tester.

I actually put the 18 minute Airdyne off for a full 24 hours, I did this Sunday night as a sort of, high intensity flush. It actually served its purpose nicely and didn’t tax me too badly for this mornings session. All in all there was plenty of training to go around this holiday weekend. Glad I didn’t miss anything, and even a bit pleased with some of the work I managed. It’s gonna be an interesting ride from here to the Open.

MFS | 2 – 6 – 4

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