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Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Recovery, WOD

Grizzly Way 131202 (Base Season)

Grizzly Way 131202 (Base Season)

I’ve been talking about trying to be present in the moment more often, while I meant it pretty differently when it regards training, I found this video today which struck me as rather poignant. Specifically as a neuroscientist, the idea that, to our minds, the present is nothing, we can’t actually experience the present the way we conceptualize it, the brain takes time to process information, by the time we’ve processed everything, “the present moment” is already a memory being accessed. Trippy huh? That’s my rant for the day.


Some people have beach season, I have Aerobic Base season. With the open quickly approaching, the gear has switched. Almost no pure strength work, instead we have EMOM’s, gymnastics practice, and lots (I mean lots) of longer, aerobic efforts. 18 minutes at 80% is where I live.


Airdyne 50:50 (work:rest) x 16 sets, record calories per set
20, 20, 20, 20, 21, 21, 21, 21, 20, 21, 20, 20, 21, 20, 21, 21

A1: 1/2 Pullup Hold 20 sec x 3 sets; rest 2 min between sets
B1: EMOM 3 Push Press, increase 10 lbs each set until 3 rep failure, start at 135#
205 (215×2)

7 Rounds:
C1: 2 L-Pullups, tempo 2121; rest 20 sec
C2: 2 HSPU 2121; rest 20 sec

EMOM 18 min:
3 Burpees
10 sec airdyne sprint

Monday was only the third Airdyne session in as many days, one Friday night, one Sunday afternoon, and then again Monday morning. Definitely putting that thing through it’s paces. You might notice we jumped from :40 on :40 off to :50 intervals. Last time we jumped 10 seconds it was murder, this was a bit different however. I actually felt like the extra rest was helping. And if you look at the heart rate graph, I’m actually recovering quite a bit more. It’s fun data to look at and guess. Maybe I wasn’t going hard enough… but there’s always a learning curve.

The afternoon session wasn’t so bad, and actually passed pretty quickly and without much incident. My last 3RM push press was 225, so I was hoping to get to 215, but that last rep got thrown out in front and that was that. 215 for 2 is pretty good for that EMOM working up for 8 minutes or so. I looked like an idiot, with 4 sets of 10’s on the bar though, these EMOM’s make me look pretty douchey. The tempo gymnastics are starting to feel a little more controlled, no complaints there for the first time in awhile. The conditioning session wasn’t much to write about either, though I did sub stair sprints from airdyne sprints because we don’t have a flight of stairs high enough to sprint. It ended up being about :20 of work and :40 of rest. A bit taxing towards the end, but mostly fresh for the duration.

MFS | 2 – 3 – 3

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