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Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 131203 (A New Gear)

Grizzly Way 131203 (A New Gear)

My concept of long days is being changed entirely. A long day used to just mean a lot of strength work. Now it means a lot of everything work. There’s work to be done all over the place and only one of me to do it all. I wish someone had told me how hard all this fitness shit was before I decided I wanted to be good at it. Only a little bit crazy looking back on things, 3 months into Crossfit deciding I wanted to be the best. I like it.



86kg (88 max attempt)
Snatch pull 3×3
86, 92, 97
Clean & jerk

A1: RFESS 3 x 5 per leg; rest 3 min
155, 155, 160
B1: Clean Pull, 1″ defecit 3 x 5, with 3 sec eccentric; rest 3 min (heavy with best technique)
225, 235, 245

AMRAP 18 min:
1 Muscle Up
20 Wall Ball Shots (20#)
20 Double Unders

rest 10 min

AMRAP 18 min:
2 Rope Climb (15ft)
4 Squat Cleans (185#)
40 yd Bear Crawl

Yesterday was a grinder. I forget when I’m at the Lab that there’s still another 2 and a half hours of training to come. Snatching yesterday felt good, but getting up to my heavy reps, I caught that 88kg attempt just a hair forward enough to aggravate something in my elbow that really ruined the rest of my session. I immediately moved onto clean and jerk, but the jerk, even at 60kg felt very tender, I worked up to 110kg but decided not to push it, especially with another session of work to do later. This meant skipping my snatch balances as well, which I was none to pleased about as I feel those really help me snatch better and find stability in the bottom. Health comes first, especially at this point in the “season” no use wasting 9 months of training on a stupid injury now.

The next 3 months leading to the Open are not going to be pretty. The glamorous work is over, the days of PR’s in strength are behind me for the most part. If anything I’d expect merely to maintain strength, if not dip a little as the conditioning volume gets higher and higher. As technique improves, perhaps mobility as well, 5 to 10 pound increases aren’t out of the question, but the glamor of lifting and eating is over. This next 3 months is about work pure and simple, airdyne work, AMRAP work, base season work. I’m going to skip talking about the RFESS (rear foot elevated split squat) and clean pulls, those are pretty standard, nothing special, just wear my legs out before the AMRAP’s. Yesterday was a bit 50/50 – the first AMRAP went really well I thought, it basically came down to wall balls, as the muscle up + double unders was only about 40 seconds of rest between rounds of wall balls. Averaging a little less than 2 minutes a round, getting in 180+ wall balls, 180 doubles and 10 muscle ups seemed like a good amount of work. Then the other 50% jumped in, I think this was meant to be like the regional rope climb WOD, but the bear crawl totally ruined it. The rope climbs were fine, the squat cleans were miserable after 190 wall balls, I had no leg, but doing 4 in singles was still only about 40 seconds of work, the bear crawls just ate the clock up. I’ve never done them in a workout before, but they’re absolutely miserable.

That was my day of misery – it was a long one, but I’m starting to see the improvements in conditioning as we lead to the open, which is where I need to be. And these long days are great practice for mental perseverance, and a great excuse to Marc Pro for days…

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