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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant

Heart of America: T-minus 4 Days

Heart of America: T-minus 4 Days

This shit snuck up on me big time. Which is weird, because it’s all I can think about, talk about, or dream about (yeah it happend). The first WOD of Heart Of America is Friday Nov 2nd at 6:30 pm. That leaves…102 hours total before WOD #1 kicks off. In that time I have ambitious plans to do daily mobility, some mental exercises, and even a few WOD’s. Part of this plan is my preparation. I made a list, a huge fucking list, of everything to bring, buy, or borrow before I leave on Friday morning. I won’t go through the whole thing, but since this is my first competition away from home I thought it would be good to a) share with people the experience and b) see if anyone would recommend anything additional or different. I split the list into 5 categories; Food, Clothes, Gear, Supplements, and Extras.


Food is fuel, and this weekend will require a lot of fuel.

  • Coconut flakes
  • Coconut water
  • msg & sugar free Jerky
  • Dried fruit
  • A couple Larabar’s
  • maybe some canned tuna


Walk the walk

  • Sweat pants, lots of sweatpants
  • WOD shorts, shirts, socks
  • CF STL shirts – represent my home box
  • Hoodies, can’t be getting cold post-WOD
  • Nano’s, Romaleos II, and some Nike Free’s for between WOD’s


A man and his tools – a beautiful thing

  • My Rogue jump rope – though DU’s aren’t on the scaled list
  • Voodoo floss – lovely joint compression
  • Monster bands – great for shoulders and hammies
  • Lacross balls – feet and shoulders
  • Tape, Rock Tape, Hand Salve
  • Grid roller
  • Water bottles


This one is a tough category as Paleo opinions differ and there’s a ton of marketing out there Progenex, BSN, SFH etc..

  • Vitamins, CLA, Fish Oil
  • Iso-ology, whey isolate has far less lactose, I tolerate it very well
  • BCAA for between WOD’s
  • Coconut Water – also between WOD’s
  • ZMA – for rest and recovery
  • Green supplement – every morning no matter what, do nothing different right?
  • EmergenC – immune support under stress


Blogging supplies!

  • My computer – naturally where would I be without this
  • My phone – instagram addict here, ready for WOD’s
  • My tablet – Nexus 7, great for being mobile
  • Headphones – nothing like some pre-WOD music to focus the mind

How’s my list? See anything missing? Let me know!

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