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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery

Heart of America: The last 24 hours! (+No Nut November)

Heart of America: The last 24 hours! (+No Nut November)

Since there wasn’t an Outlaw WOD for me to rant about today, I’ll just rant about everything else I did, or didn’t do. I slept in, like no alarm clock, slept in, mostly because I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I think the nerves are kicking in. I’ve been loaded with nervous energy lately and without a WOD today I had nowhere to channel it, unlike yesterday I got to buy an axe and do Fran. Today I just wrote a huge post about Olympic lifts. So I more or less just found random things to fill my day until 3:30, when I went to my box.

Obviously I wasn’t going to do a WOD or lift anything, though I was very tempted when watching the class tackle “DT” to jump in, even if the load was less. I knew that was foolishness. Instead I rowed 3k, practiced some double unders, did a ton of band stretches, stretches with distraction, foam rolling and spent some quality time with a lacrosse ball. Then at 5:30 we had a team meeting to talk about timing, t-shirts, water bottles, and phone numbers. At this point all I’d done today is nap and mobility work, so I was starving, I politely excused myself and headed to the grocery store. I think I went a little nuts – the last thing I wanted was to be stuck somewhere without something to put in my face hole. Hopefully it’ll do me well though. I also bought some goods for a “send off” dinner.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about “No Nut November,” I guess I should google things before I start posting about them. Apparently “No Nut November” according to urban dictionary, well it’s not pretty, and it has nothing to do with Paleo, or my addiction to TREE NUTS. (learn more if you must) So I’m still not going to eat nuts during November, but I’m just going to call it Movember like everyone else. So I’ll keep my beard and not eat nuts, but please don’t feel pressured to google “No Nut November.”

And as I write this – the first WOD was just posted for HOA. It looks interesting – I’ll let you read it first then talk about my thoughts.

WOD 1: HOA4 AMRAP Relay (all 6 athletes).

Each male and female of your team will – one at a time – perform as many rounds & reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

5 Overhead Squats, 115lb/75lb…Scaled loads 95/65lb
10 KB Swings, 70lb/55lb…Scaled loads 55/35lb
15 Double Unders

The WOD is 15 minutes total. One male and one female will be working simultaneously through each 5 minute segment. Every 5 minutes, the next athlete in line will pick up where the previous athlete left off (e.g. if you perform 4 full rounds plus 4 OHS into round 5, the next team member will begin on rep 5 of OHS for round 5). Your Team Score = Total Rounds Completed

Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow…3, 2, 1, GO!!!

I have a few thoughts, my first was hmm overhead squats, that sucks. Then the 15 double unders, not the worst thing in the world, especially since I’m getting pretty confident with mine, but I’ve never had to do them as part of a WOD, let alone in a competition, let alone in a humungous competition. It is what it is, the last thing I want to do is get in my head about it. I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow night.

I bought banan chips at Trader Joes and had like 6 for desert tonight, and now my face is itchy and my mouth feels funny – I think I’m allergic?? But I never had a problem with bananas before! To be fair I haven’t had one in like a year…but what the hell.

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