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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery

HoA Weekend: Mobility Rant

HoA Weekend: Mobility Rant

I was going to write this post tomorrow – but I fear that 4 days after the HOA weekend might be kicking a dead horse a bit…or a lot. And honestly, writing about mobility is a lot more interesting than the work I have to do – analyzing brain data sounds way more exciting than it is. Normally it’s just a lot of lines on a computer, and somewhere wayyyyy down the line you get a pretty picture with fancy colors on it that you can use in a paper. Okay rant over. As I’ve mentioned previously and on numerous occasions I love mobility and practice it daily or as close to daily as my lifestyle will allow. Likewise, I don’t do well out of my element, my element being my daily routine at home and at my box, so I was nervous that I’d get all kinds of jinked up at HoA and then forget how to squat or something even more terrible. So here’s the story.

I brought every mobility tool in my tool chest with my to HoA and I used every single one, and my teammates used a lot of them too! Yay mobility! First things first I had to find room enough in my hotel room to foam roll, so I moved some big ugly chair and ottoman towards the window and put the desk chair under the desk. I had to get my foot under the bed side table but it worked well enough. Second move was to find somewhere to hang a band for my distraction stretches, turns out the hotel door knobs work pretty well for this, especially if they’re dead-bolted shut so the door knob won’t open the door and show the world your pretty stretching face (almost happened once). Those were the two big things, then it was just a matter of setting out my lacrosse ball and voodoo floss and my home away from home was complete.

Not the best selfy but proves that door knobs are often more useful than once thought

Speaking of voodoo floss, I should be a sales rep for this shit, I market the hell out of it, one of my teammates just bought a set of flosses? bands? flossi? to use for his front rack mobility – good call M, I approve. Dear rogue, I’ll take my 20% in check or bacon form, thank you.

I think I mobilized more over HoA weekend than the entire week leading up to it, and especially after Friday’s overhead squat nonsense I knew I couldn’t just fake it till I made it. Saturday my foam roller was such a commodity on the team that I likely could’ve charged for its use, but then I’d be that asshole…Long story short, bring everything to a competition you normally rely on, don’t expect things to magically just be there for you. CFS was great, and they had a pretty well stocked warm up tent if you were looking for a dumbbell, KB, bar, or rubber plate, but it was sadly deficient in the banded stretching department. I think I would buy a rogue rig just to have someplace to do stretches from, thats how much I love it. Moral of the story, come prepared and mobilize constantly. It would’ve been a very different weekend otherwise.

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