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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant

HoA Weekend: Paleo Thoughts

HoA Weekend: Paleo Thoughts

It’s no secret that I eat a lot of food; I talk about it quite often actually. I don’t mind how much I eat, so long as there remains a rhyme, reason, and method to my madness. Here’s the thing about how I eat, I typically eat two very large meals a day rather than 3 normal ones, or 6 small ones, or however else people are breaking them down nowadays; on a typical day I have a solid 4 hours between my first meal and any kind of workout or physical activity if not more. The heats at HoA were at best 2 hours apart. You can see where I’m going with this…eating my typical enormous amounts of food and then trying to do a workout would not have ended well. So I had to adapt. From Friday at 9 AM (when I left STL) to Sunday at 4pm (when I got home) I ate a grand total of two real meals, one for lunch on Friday, and one for dinner on Saturday. Obviously I ate more than those two meals, but those were the only two that included tables, silverware, or even plates for that matter.

My typical eating face…

My initial worry is that I would have some major portion problems, if I allow myself to simply eat, my caveman comes out and I pack in as many calories as humanly possible, you know for survival and junk. So I had two methods for this – distraction and sharing. I tried not to focus on eating or food and let myself get distracted, wander away, go watch a heat of something and give my body time to realize it had what it needed already. Sharing is caring right? Not one thing in my paleo survival kit went unshared, the coconut date rolls went over real big, my trail mix recipe got mixed reviews, and the turkey sticks were pretty good as well. This helped a lot, I never once felt gross full or really hungry for the most part.

Packing for home Sunday, I took stock of what was left, by the time I got home all I had was about 5oz. of my trail mix, a can of coconut puree, half a bar of dark chocolate, a can of alaskan salmon and half a bag of jerky. I promptly decided the energy packed drive home deserved a bowl of trail mix, dark chocolate, beef jerky, and pumpkin puree, which I’ll admit sounds like the worst bowl of food ever, but was actually quite good. Reflecting on it now, I probably over-indulged in the date/coconut-water/larabar department, that’s a lot of sugar for a guy who normally eats less than 50g of carbs a day, all of which coming from broccoli…oh well being back in my normal routine for a day now, I feel pretty fine – I don’t think I did any long lasting damage and best of all – no cheats!

I got a lot of questions about my home brew trail mix, it’s pretty simple actually, the base is a trail mix called “Cranberry Jubilee” (super masculine right?) which is just sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, dried cranberry, and dried apple cubes. To that I added a whole bag of organic coconut flakes and a bag of raw cacao nibs. It’s delicious. The other surprise for the weekend were the all natural turkey sticks, do you know how hard it is to find MSG and Soy Sauce free jerky or dried meat product in general? That shit is everywhere…but the turkey sticks, had neither, and they were delicious. So there you go, whole foods turkey sticks, they’re hanging in the aisle with the chips. You’re welcome.

Paleo mission achieved (more or less).

P.S. I’m definitely allergic to banana chips, I might try plantain chips just to see but I had to give 100% of them away…

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