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Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, WOD

It’s Finally Here, I guess…

It’s Finally Here, I guess…

The open is here. I’m still not sure if this is a positive or not, right now it doesn’t feel like one. It’s really kind of stressful knowing you’ve prepared an entire year for something, and not being sure that it’s going to pay off. On a personal level, it can’t not pay off. The growth I’ve had this year is nearly immeasurable. Looking back on Outlaw Day 1, and myself today, its not even the same person. Speaking strictly from a measured goals standpoint though, its going to be an interesting 5 weeks. I’ve come a long way, but I set that bar pretty high, looking back on it, perhaps it was more ambitious than I originally thought it was. Listen to me backpedal now, what a bastard. It’s here now though, nothing to do but go for it. Can’t do nothing – gotta do something.


The last two weeks or so of training have calmed down a lot since my two weeks of absolute ridiculousness, so my mood has improved dramatically. Basically we’ve been doing a lot of open style AMRAP’s mixed with EMOM strength and gymnastics practice. We all know how much I love gymnastics, I think I did bar work 5 of 6 days last week, my hands are still feeling pretty shredded, but hopefully it will pay off in being able to stick to pullups and toes to bar come open WOD time. I’m gonna highlight some good sessions from the last few weeks.

A1: EMOM 6 min: 6 Snatches Touch and Go at 55% 115
B1: EMOM 3 Deadlift,increase 20 lbs each set until 3 rep failure, start at 60% of predicted 3RM 415×1; 395×3
2 Rounds:
21 Thrusters (100#)
21 CTB Pullups 7:09:00

rest 5 min:

2 Rounds:
15 Thrusters (100#)
15 CTB Pullups 17:45:00

rest 5 min:

2 Rounds:
9 Thrusters (100#)
9 CTB Pullups

rest 5 min, then:
Ascending Rep Ladder EMOM Wall Ball Shots, add 1 WB to every minute 20; 9 of 21

AD 30 minutes, maintain a heart rate of 130-150 beats per minute

A1: EMOM 3 Back Squats, increase 20 lbs each set until 3 rep failure, start at 60% of predicted 3RM 325; no attempts at 345

AMRAP 18 min:
15 Box Jumps (24″)
12 Shoulder to Overhead (115#)
9 Toes to Bar 9+3
*all out

rest 10 min:

AMRAP 10 min:
5 Kettlebell Swings (70#)
10 Pushups, hand release
20 Walking Lunge 8
*80% effort, think recovery

1 Shoulder to Overhead (185#)
2 Clean & Jerks
3 Clean & Jerks
4 Front Squats
5 Front Squats
6 Front Squats
7 Deadlifts
8 Deadlifts
9 Deadlifts
10 Deadlifts
*after each movement complete 1 round of “Cindy” (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats) 1935


See – lots of AMRAP’s, and lots of Open movements. Feeling pretty good most of the time, outside of the random twinge. Really happy about the Squat triple at 325, that’s pretty good percentage for an EMOM like that, esp on an Airdyne day. Thanks Marc Pro!

I’m planning a post later this week of things I’ve learned from in the last year. I imagine most of them will come off as pretty cliche and maybe not worth stating, but I think it’ll be a good step for my mental health.

For now – time to rest up and get pumped for Open WOD #1 on Thursday.


  1. Hey Dan – been following your efforts pretty closely since April or May of last year I feel like. Def pulling for you and will be looking for your name in the next three days on the Open results. I’m anxious to see how you do with all the hard work and Mike’s programming. I’m a huge fan of Barbell Shrugged and am wishing for the best for you. If you can post this week each day, I’d love to see what Mike has you doing leading into Thurs-Mon. Keep up the great work and that confidence high, and kill this Open!

    • Will do Kevin! Thanks for the kind words! Definitely some inspiration right there.

  2. I’ve also been following the blog. I’m excited to see how you do. You’ve made great progress and I’m sure you will do well.

  3. Hey Dan!

    Recently started doing CrossFit and found your blog through comments you made on the Barbell Shrugged videos.

    Fantastic stuff! Really enjoy your writing and your perspective on life and CrossFit.

    Would you be willing to comment on the potential use of steroids by competitive CrossFitters?

    With the training you have done and the progress you have made in the past year, do you think its possible for some of the upper echelon guys/girls to do what they do (volume, weights, physical appearance) without PED’s?

    I think your perspective would be really insightful.

    Good luck in the Open!

    Thanks again!

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