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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery

Keeping Perspective

Keeping Perspective

Good morning internet! I feel as though I owe a bit of an apology to anyone who read yesterday’s 121105 post – I’ve been known to take a road trip to negative-pussy-bullshit-complaint-tantrum-ville every now and again. It’s not a pleasant place, imagine it like a Six Flags but instead of fun rides there are only lines and in place of well behaved children there are only asshole kids who kick you in the shins and run away, I’ve never been to Six Flags so if that’s what they’re actually like…then just picture that. In any case, a good nights sleep, morning mobility and a cup of good tea has set me straight. I have a god damn lot to be thankful for and yesterday I lost perspective of all that in the worst possible way. When you set your goal so narrowly, this snatch, or this WOD, it’s quite easy to see individual failures outside of context and let them affect you negatively. My goal moving forwards is to have a greater appreciation for things that I consider positives, and focus on how absurdly they outweigh any potential negatives. Here we go.

Yesterday I did not rupture my achilles, tear my MCL, dislocate my elbow or shoulder, break, sprain or hurt something in any real long lasting, 8 week recovery kind of way. So really I was just being a whiney asshole last night. Sorry. I have not dealt with many injuries or hardships in my life, so yeah I need to work on that, maybe I can see if Tonya Harding is free. Furthermore, I have a great family who loves and supports me, a strong group of friends that know me better than I like to admit, 2 dogs who support me unconditionally, a job that I like and pays all my bills and the ability to eat well, lift heavy shit, and do what I love everyday. That’s quite a list! Maybe I should get that tatoo’d on me “Momento” style so I never forget it.

The following conversation with one of my best friends whom I talk to daily though he lives hundreds of miles away marked the moment when yesterday didn’t seem so bad.

it’s just kinda how life is i guess, everyone is different
and it blows not always gettin the sme return on investment as some poeple given what the yput in and get out
but you just have to learn not to compare yourself to them and just focus on your goals and your approach to things
that doens’t mean you still can’t achieve your goals and won’t be great
just means you might have to put a little more in, deal with a little more shit than some other popele
to get there

He speaks with a lot of wisdom for a Facebook chat huh? Well played sir. That said, today is a new day, there are new WOD’s to be done and new joints to injure and hopefully next time I want to storm out of the box with my angry face on – I’ll remember today.

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