Lifting & CrossFit

A few years ago I discovered a passion for fitness. I loved doing it, I loved the way I felt before, during and after. I will probably be chasing that “high” the rest of my life. It really is an addiction, I think withdraw sets in around 48 hours, no jokes. I have a traditional strength training background with some Olympic lifting experience. Before even starting Crossfit I loved lifting heavy things as many days a week as my body could stand. Crossfit was the icing on my fitness cake, it was humbling at first but now I look forward to the daily challenge.

You can usually find me one of two places, CrossfitSTL or The Lab. Easily my two favorite places on the planet these days. I follow the Outlaw Way, it’s tough and not for the faint of heart, but if you’re looking to improve, I have yet to find something that even comes close. As of Feb, 2013 I am being remotely coached by Mike Bledsoe of Faction Strength & Conditioning. He gives me feedback, nutritional coaching, and individualized programming that I post each day. I practice mobility daily, if you haven’t found MobilityWod get out from under that rock and start reading. The amount of knowledge KStar throws out for free is immeasurable. This section will be dedicated to all things WOD, results, mobility, troubleshooting and bitching. Likely all at once.

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