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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Master, Music, Music and Rants

Mashup Monday | Top of Pops

Mashup Monday | Top of Pops

I got into a twitter chat the other day about these compilations. They’re pretty poppy – they get a little tiresome if I had to listen to them everyday, but they make a great way to pass 20 minutes on the 31st while you make your NYE party photo montage and stack bottles of champagne in the fridge. I assume that’s what all the cool people do on NYE, I wouldn’t know, I just chill at home eating brussel sprouts and pulled pork thinking about what I should Snatch tomorrow…totally normal.

DML Mashup Monday | Top of Pops

Happy 2012 – 2013! New Year post to come later.

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  1. I’m just thinking about how I am going to avoid all the BS NYE crap so I can feel good enough to throwdown at CF Boston tmrw.

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