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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Master, Music and Rants, Rant

Morning Coffee, Weekend Plans & The Future

Morning Coffee, Weekend Plans & The Future

I read about this idea called “bulletproof coffee,” pretty sure I found it on reddit which doesn’t lend it a ton of credibility but still I found it pretty interesting and thought it made at least a little bit of sense. The idea is vaguely this; coffee has some really great health benefits but normally I just take mine black because its simple and I don’t eat cream, artificial sweeteners or sugar – so what the fuck would I add to it? In any case, I decided to give this a try with my new coconut butter. So I threw a tablespoon in my coffee this morning and spun it around and knew at least it would taste a bit better. Now 3 hours later I have had so much energy I’m sort of thinking there was something in that coconut butter. I drink a lot of coffee, I know what I feel like after a cup or two, this is not that. I want to know more about the science of this, I imagine it has something to do with antioxidants, caffeine, and MCT’s in coconut – more on that later. But you should try it and let me know how you feel.

Now onto the weekend – as I’ve mentioned here before I work a lot of weekends, like pretty much every weekend that I don’t take off to a Crossfit competition. So my weekend plans are traditionally framed around work, but this weekend I’m trying not to let that get me down. Two things I’m excited about; Costco! I fucking love Costco, bulk meats, eggs, nuts, so much paleo loveliness. Second thing, I’m making a garlic, habanero, ginger carnitas out of a 5lb bone-in pork shoulder in the slow cooker, starting tonight. It’s supposed to be celebratory, one-month with the blog needs a paleo celebration – my friends seem skeptical but hopefully excited.

The future, being 7 days ago I had just left for Springfield I haven’t given future Crossfit plans a ton of thought but what better place to hash out my thought process than uber publicly on the internet. I’m going to try and find something in the February area – though the Crossfit competition market seems to be drying up as you near closer the Open. Without further things to train for, I guess it’s time to start setting my sights on the Open – I think a bunch of people from Crossfit STL are going to try to qualify and then go as a team, which would be pretty awesome. So that’s what’s next, lots of skill work, lots of strength work, and hopefully a spot on a team in the nearish future.

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