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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Food Porn, Paleo Lifestyle, Recipe

Multi-Tasking in the Kitchen

Multi-Tasking in the Kitchen

I got home from my box this evening pretty well energized – I certainly had my wits about me, rather than stumbling up the stairs after some beastly WOD or heavy lift. For whatever reason when I start cooking I also seem to find other things to do. Tonight it took the form of uploading the video’s from my phone today so I could get a jump on editing them for the post. In my hustle to get things done, I neglected to realize that the cap to my red chili flake had fallen off; so instead of chicken thighs with eggs and a splash of heat, it was HEAT with a splash of egg and chicken. So that’s the disaster you see. I’m not proud of it – be cautious. Cook when you’re cooking, other things can wait.

The real recipe I wanted to share tonight was for some quick and easy vegetables. Whole Foods here sells nice little one pound pouches of Brussel Sprouts that are awesome and convenient in a pinch. Here’s what I like to do. Slice up 2 strips of your favorite bacon, let that cook a bit so you get some fat out, throw in about 1/3 cup diced white onion, let that soften just a bit, then half the brussel sprouts, toss em in, and cover for 5 minutes or so. You’ll see the sprouts turn a darker shade of green, toss them a couple times to make sure they cook evenly, cover again for another few minutes until they’re mostly done. That’s it, bacon, onion, brussel sprouts and about 10 minutes. Not bad right?

And there’s the complete disaster. Must be Monday…

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