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Music & Rants

If you clicked on this section you must be supremely bored. Well this is the rant section so here comes one. Music is an important part of my life, I write a weekly post called Mashup Monday for DML.FM. The majority of my music is mashups. That being said I enjoy a pretty broad range of music on the right occasions. Here you’ll find links to a lot of electronic, dubstep, remixes, and mashup tunes. Here’s an example of what’s tickling my eardrums lately.

As far as rants go, I usually try and frame them around other subjects like my lifts, paleo, or somewhere in between. In the rare occasion that I’m just in a mood to go all verbal diarrhea, it will find it’s way here. Sorry I’m not sorry.


  1. Bored, but bummed that “this track is currently not available”. Keep up the great work in the Open!!!!

    • Fixed – thanks for commenting!

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