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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant

No Nut November

No Nut November

Without a WOD to rant about today I’m not sure I’ll have enough to talk about…somehow I think I’ll manage; even if it is just a stream of random disconnected thoughts – this is my brain without exercise. Nearing the end of October the movember campaigns start to riddle my news feed/twitter circles; but already having a beard I think that’s kind of cheating, where’s the challenge? That’s like giving up gluten for Lent. Here’s my thought, in addition to growing some bomb ass facial hair, I’m also going to give up nuts. Anyone close to me will gladly tell you about my love of nuts (har har! grow up). This will not be an easy road, but I think in the end it will result in a stronger, healthier person. If you feel so inclined, check out my Movember space on the sidebar to the right.

Okay two more things. First, my custom Nano’s came today. I’m not super keen on the Reebok brand, I think it’s overpriced across the board for the quality of the product. There I said it – sorry. That being said, I tried inov8’s and nike free’s and I can’t universally WOD in either; I’ve read so many reviews for the Nano’s that when the 2.0’s came out I decided to buy a pair. Apparently I decided too slow because my size (11.0) was sold out everywhere…so I could wait, or order a custom pair, back in September I decided a custom pair wasn’t so bad. I threw together a pair in Outlaw colors and off to China my order went. They got here today – I put them on immediately, and I have good feelings.

Second, has anyone ever taken a butchery class? Is it butchery? Meat cutting up? I really want to be more connected to my food, and because farming is pretty lather, rinse, repeat I thought a butchery class would be a great way to hone kitchen skills as well as man skills. I’ve heard of restaurants hosting classes, maybe even grocery stores? You’d think I could just pay a butcher to like apprentice for a day? Maybe a culinary school? I’ll let you guys know what I find.

Oh I also found out one of my very good friends, slash ex-gf – those two rarely go together, is moving to STL in about a month. Crazy right? She’s just throwing caution into the wind – I couldn’t do it, I need my routine, pulling the rug out from under myself just seems counter-intuitive. But I’m really excited to have her here, I miss my Colby peeps. (Colby is where I went to school, look it up – it’s awesome we have a woodsmen team).

Maybe I had more like 3 or 4 things to talk about; oh well. Update on the injuries, my swollen finger has apparently stopped swelling, with any luck it will start to go down in the next day or so. I still think it was a spider bite, but it could’ve easily been some kind of infected splinter – I’ll likely never know. Similar to how I’ll never know why my shoulder feels like it’s being ripped out of its socket whenever I move my left arm. I couldn’t even steer my car this morning. Two more aleve and a few more 20 minute ice sessions and hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. If you’re curious I’ll go back to Tuesday’s work and do that. This close to the competition it’s time to cherry pick a little and work on things I think I’ll get the most out of. Throwdown STL #2 is Friday!! We have a #1 spot to hold onto now! Annnndddd /endrant



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