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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Olympic Lifts

Outlaw Way – 121005 (w/Videos!)

Outlaw Way – 121005 (w/Videos!)

This is my morning face (sorry for the selfy in the bathroom mirror). There is a very good reason I choose to workout at 4:00 PM everyday, and it’s because I like to be asleep at 5:00 AM. I signed up for a small local competition tonight at 7:00 PM so I figured my normal routine would probably put a little hitch in my giddy-up. So in order to get both the Outlaw Olympic work in, and be fresh to compete, I split up my day. It was bearable; my olympic lifts have been better, I tried to warm up my movements and CNS as much as possible but I just feel like I move better in the afternoons after a day on my feet (I use a standup desk at work).

In any case – I’ve included a few videos to go with today’s post because a) it’s a great tool to assess and diagnose lifting inefficiencies b) I don’t want for a second for anyone to think I’m good at this stuff, I try hard and show up everyday but like most, have a lot to work on c) I want you all to see how awesome I look when lifting heavy sh*t..NOT.

121005 called for;

Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes (8 total reps):
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 75% 120

*rest 2 minutes

Every 45 seconds for 6 minutes (8 total reps):
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 75% 175

I broke the Snatch down from the front, because you can see how bad I am at everything. Work in progress people.

A) Starting off I’m a bit forward, my head is down, my back is a bit curved and my hips are high. I have terrible hip mobility, I work on it constantly, daily. It’s really important in olympic lifts to keep the bar close to you, and make sure it moves in as straight a line as possible up your chain, the higher your hips get, the further that bar will jump out of your control (you can see that at the end of my hang squat snatch, when I have to chase it down).
B) The catch of the power snatch; for some reason whenever my feet leave the ground, they come down pointed wayyyy out, not the worst thing ever, and certainly better than tucking them inward (that’s nasty, don’t do it). But not the most efficient, blowing off all the torque (as K* would say), is not ideal. Here also you see my arms are a bit bent, and my armpits are facing more down than out, which is probably why my elbows hurt when I snatch.
C) Looks good – I like C. Good extension, pop from the hip, triple extension. I’m not sure if your feet are supposed to leave the ground, probably not, but mine do (oops). Also, my arms break a little early, the idea is that your shrug should be first, then break at the elbow into the high pull, at which point you need to drive under the bar to catch.
D) Launch #2 – this one looks a little better, my feet stay closer to the ground, and my extensions seem to line up well.
E) The catch, I was not pleased at all with that first one, left the bar in front, so I had to chase it down at the catch. Catch #2 was more stable, but you can still see some issues, again knees out which is good, but my toes are way out as well, meaning standing up is going to be very inefficient without any of that torque. My armpits are no where near out, and my arms are a bit bent; more overhead squats!

Here’s another view from the side, back looks better but you can see what I mean about hip depth and chasing the bar. Not the worst snatch in the world, but always room for improvement!

And now onto the clean – I didn’t break the clean down because a lot of the tenants stay the same, and I’m much better at the clean so there’s less to pick on. Plus – who wants to watch an entire video of some dude cleaning?! Okay I would watch that, I have watched that, on may sites – I’m a knowledge sponge! For those of you paying attention this exercise was only supposed to take 6 minutes, I think I did it in around 9…I’m not sure how 8 reps at 75% take people only 6 minutes but I guess I’m a wuss.

Some clean notes; a) same thing with the hips here, need to start lower and closer to the bar b) my push jerk blows, I’d never done one until about 3 weeks ago, they aren’t my favorite I’d much rather split jerk, after I missed one of the push jerks I switched to finish c) under heavy load my front rack falls forward, and my back starts to arch, the cue for this is “elbows up” think about driving the weight up with your elbows rather than the knees d) I need to fix my front rack at the top of my clean, that time to reset before the jerk is killing me.

Time to eat! Experimenting with pre-competition noms today – I’ll let you know how that goes.

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