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Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Olympic Lifts, WOD

Outlaw Way – 121006

Outlaw Way – 121006

I look ridiculous right now. Unlike normal adult humans who I imagine plan ahead and do laundry a day or so before they are absolutely out of clothing, I am fortunate enough to have the patience (shutup I’m calling it patience) to wait until I am absolutely out of socially accepted clothing. So now I’m forced to do laundry in 5 year old workout shorts and a mesh practice jersey – bringing sexy back. Whatever, I’m over it, clean clothes on Monday is never a bad thing.

Topic #2, for those who follow football, this is my first year in a fantasy league, I didn’t get it before, it really makes the games far more interesting to watch. Here’s the thing about fantasy leagues, never join one with family members, let me be more specific, never join one with family members who neglect their team completely and still end up 5-0. My dad is obliterating me and I know for a fact he doesn’t even know how to set a lineup. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Okay enough bush beating (did people really do that ever? “I know instead of getting down to business, I’m going to just hit this bush over and over” makes sense to me). Making up Saturday workouts on Sunday has not gone well for me. This is the second week in a row I’ve done so, and it’s been a struggle. I’m not sure if its a physical thing, just not having enough time to properly warm up, or if its a mental state of mind. I just want it to be easy and quick but that’s not how The Outlaw Way works. Today was no exception to this rule, the day looked like this.


1) 3 Attempts @ 1RM Snatch
135, 145(X), 145(X)
2) 3 Attempts @ 1RM Clean & Jerk
195, 205, 225(X)

Strength Take 7 minutes to establish a 1rm Front Squat, then:
2 reps every 30 seconds for 7 minutes @ 75% of above.

Conditioning 5 Push Jerks 135/95#
10 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
15 KBS 24/16kg
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
30 KBS 24/16kg
15 Push Jerks 135/95#
30 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
45 KBS 24/16kg

For time. 18:55 Rx

Here’s the thing. My box, like most I would imagine, only hosts one class on Sunday, so it’s open for maybe 75 minutes, 90 if I’m lucky. The Outlaw Work is not made for rushing through, there’s not really a way to short change any of it. This rush definitely affected both my attitude and my preparedness for these lifts, especially the Snatch. I started snatching right as the class started to show up, so I got a little frantic, as you’ll see in the video this didn’t help me much. My hips shot up, the bar got way in front, and I just didn’t recover mentally. The clean was a bit of a different story, the warmup went pretty well for these, I had calmed down a little. My first rep at 195 went up pretty easily, 205 seemed not bad as well, I broke a bit getting that one to my shoulders. Given these first two, and my clean of 240 on Friday, I figured 225 for a clean and jerk would be a decently aggressive step. As you can see, the lift was over as soon as my elbows hit my knees, I broke in the midline. Then I missed the jerk, didn’t get low nearly fast enough. Such is life, lots to work on. I clearly need to spend some more time on these.

I decided to hide my Oly commentary cause I understand it won’t interest everyone, nor will everyone watch the video.

Snatch Notes


1st attempt My hips are still far too high and no where near close enough to my ankles. My chest also starts too low; both of these are a direct result of my hip flexibility The pull actually looked quite good, good speed and extension; I’m happy with it The bottom is awful; my torso is majorly forward, didn’t finish on my heals and didn’t pull myself under cleanly at all

2nd attempt My biggest fault in the second attempt was in the arms, they didn’t get straight before the weight came down; I need to work on speed under the bar – more snatch balances!

3rd attempt The third attempt actually corrected nicely for the arms, but I left it out in front, finished on my toes and dumped it forward.

Clean & Jerk Notes

Clean & Jerk

1st attempt First attempt; not a lot wrong with this, hips high but I sound like a broken record now. Catch looked good, my toes still land far too wide, though I’m not sure the best way to rectify this. Something I never realized until now, is that my dip for jerks and probably push presses, actually push my knees inward; this is a good way to ruin a knee, so I’ll work on this right away. Likewise, my front foot/knee on the jerk landing is inwardly rotated, not awfully, but enough that I notice and probably the cause of my knee pain during high volume jerk work. Speed was good, arms got out straight, drive from the bottom of the land was strong.

2nd attempt Second attempt; again off the floor this one looks okay. At the knees my shoulders are a bit higher than I’d like, meaning my hips rose too fast, this is common with heavier pulls off the floor, especially deadlifts. The fix is to keep the back tight and upright, I’ve already mentioned my tendency to break in the back slightly. The land and drive from the bottom are acceptable, elbow speed under the bar is quite good and the elbows are about as high as they’re going to get. Drive out of the hole is strong, chest stays fair high Again the dip pushes my knees inward; but the jerk land is a bit better on the front leg. Jerk speed is good, speed under the bar is acceptable

3rd attempt Third attempt; this one goes off the rails a bit. My hips start to rise much faster than my shoulders, worse than either of the first two attempts. Leaving the bar out in front makes the landing much tougher, evidenced by my elbows landing on my knees (No repped right here) but I decided to finish it anyways Drive out of the hole was fine, a little slow but not awful The dip-drive for the jerk actually looks better than the first two, only a hint of internal rotation The jerk on the other hand, is sloowwww, like molasses slow; look how high my hip is when the weight comes down, that hip crease should be almost parallel with the knee You can see the result is that the weight comes down on bent arms, and the options are to press out of it, or drop it; and I can’t OHP 225…

The best I could do to save some time is base my 1RM front squat off how I felt during the cleans rather than taking 7 minutes to find one. This worked pretty well because that 7 minutes sucked, 30 seconds is NOT that much time. Setting up for the conditioning work, I had about 15 minutes before the class was going to end, so I threw 135 on a bar, grabbed a box, and a kb and hit start on my clock. The first round was deceptively easy, finished it in about 2 minutes. The second round of burpee’s escalated quickly, those slowed me down big time, that round took me about 6 minutes. Then comes the third round, I had to break up the push jerks (which I’m not really that great at to start) into sets of 5, I tried to do the burpee’s in sets of 10, but it ended up in really slow sets of 5, I’m awful at those bodyweight movements, this needs to change if I’m going to stay competitive. The KB work wasn’t that bad, I was able to do sets of 15 the whole way through, no problems there.

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