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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Recipe

Outlaw Way – 121008 (w/Vid)

Outlaw Way – 121008 (w/Vid)

Today started normally, every morning my ritual includes 30 minutes of blog/news/music surfing, foam rolling, and my greens supplement; it’s some quality wake up activity. You can see where the magic happens, nothing special – the bear necessities. Skip ahead 8 hours, it was a very interesting day in the box. I must’ve watched yesterday’s snatch attempts 5 or 6 times, just to grind in what cue’s were going to get the job done today. I landed on three important ones; 1) chest up off the floor, 2) bar close all the way through, 3) finish on the heels. As I discussed yesterday I was letting the bar get out in front of me, and it was throwing my landing to hell. I also had a nice chat with David, our box manager, and he mentioned that Mike Burgener goes right to footwork when fixing a snatch – so I tried to pay attention to mine in the breakdown.

Back to my normal schedule, I was able to get my full warmup and mobility work in without being rushed or feeling panic’d which made a world of difference. Warmup consisted of a 600m row and some DU’s. Mobility started with some PVC shoulder work, banded hip opener, sampson stretch, a groin stretch, and then right into the Olympic warmup. My olympic warmup is a mixture of warmups I’ve been given over the years, a general barbell warmup (deadlifts, strict press, front squats, and back squats), then into Snatch grip shrugs, hi-pulls, muscle snatch, snatch balance, 3-stop pulls, hang snatch, and finally full barbell snatch. I realize this seems like a ton, but only doing 3-5 at each stop and moving pretty briskly with just the bar it only takes about 10 minutes. Then came the Outlaw work.


1) Snatch 2×2 @ 70% – 105 Rest 60-90
2×1 @ 75% – 115
2×1 @ 85% – 132
2×1 @ 90% – 139
4×1 @ 75% – 115 Rest 30

2a) Snatch Hi-Pull 3×5 – 175

2b) Non-Heaving Drop Snatch 3×5 – 95

Skill 12 Minutes Chest-to-wall HS/ST

Conditioning 3 Rounds
1 min ME HSPU
1 min ME Front Squat @ 135
1 min ME Pull-ups

Rest 1 min 86 as Rx

Snatch Commentary

Just going to focus on the faults here, by timestamp; keeping it simple.

1:07 – Left my chest down on the pull, I setup fine but right before the pull I look straight down.

2:06 – Probably my best snatch of the day

2:55 – Please ignore this large gorilla, he was dazed by his PR Snatch @ 245 – what a stud

5:36 – My first and only miss of the day @140, left the bar out in front and it stayed there, no mysteries there

I’m not going to beat a dead horse here, in general I’m very satisfied with my Oly work today, I hit the weights I was supposed to with very little discomfort and only one missed rep. My form is improving slowly, I’m getting better at efficient bar path straight up my body, though my hips getting lower will will help me keep my chest up and prevent that bar from bumping out.

Satisfied with my Oly work I was in high spirits moving to the strength work, the snatch balances went well, they’re still light but practice makes perfect and I can’t think of a better exercise for stability in the bottom of a snatch. The hi-pulls went okay, I’m not in love with those, they feel a bit..jerky, more of a “grip and rip” type exercise. The 12 minutes of HS practice was actually quite informative, it’s a great exercise trying to feel the positions of your body, keeping a straight body and letting your joints hold the load versus your muscles. I’m terrible at gymnastics, like drunk with an ear infection bad; I probably held a HS for 20-30 seconds at most before falling over. To make it more like HS walks and pushups I tried floating my weight from one arm to another but that just made it more dangerous.

The conditioning work today was in an odd format and I can’t say I’m a fan. Given the movement between activities I lost a solid 10-15 seconds of work at each station. The pullups were by far the smoothest, probably cause they happened right after the rest. I tried to pace all of the work by doing smaller sets to make sure I could go for the whole minute rather than gassing myself in the first 30 seconds and having to stop altogether. While effective at keeping me moving, I’m not sure if maximized my score. Also, I could use a lesson in kipping the HSPU, every time I try I fall off the wall, and doing them strict did not yield satisfying results. Always something to work towards. In any case I finished as RX’d with a total of 86 reps; far from competitive. When I finished I felt like I could’ve gone harder, or for more rounds, something just felt like I didn’t do enough work.

Having just looked at tomorrow’s work – I’m not worried about feeling fresher than usual today. Tomorrow is a beast; better get a good nights sleep!

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