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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, WOD

Outlaw Way – 121009 (w.Vid)

Outlaw Way – 121009 (w.Vid)

When I walked into my box today this was there to greet me; I’m all for the pumpkin, but the peanut m&m’s might as well be kryptonite. Before I went paleo I could probably destroy an entire Costco bag of them if I knew no one would ever find out. I woke up literally 30 seconds before my alaram went off today, how awesome is that?? It was magical. In any case, I felt pretty good most of the day today, nothing hurt this morning and my mobility and recovery activities didn’t end in tears or limping away. Food wise, some days I get hungry really early, others I feel like if I eat I’ll throw up. None of that today. So all in all a good biological day, all systems functioning optimally. Thennn the Outlaw way threw me a curve ball, a big nasty one.

Driving to my box today I was admittedly pumped, I was focused and ready to move some heavy weight; I’m not sure this was the best state of mind however as I found out later. Crossfit, specifically the Outlaw Way I’m finding is a fickle beast. Some days I feel like an animal, the Olympic work is quick and powerful, the strength work is clean and smooth, and the WOD is steady and controlled chaos. Other days, the wheels just come off; screwing up the olympic work just sets off a landslide that cascades over the rest of the day. I’m convinced this is at least 40% mental, and I know myself well enough that if I’m going to compete I need to overcome and compartmentalize this kind of thinking. The old me would’ve over-reacted to two “off” days, probably deciding to change something that didn’t need changing, only to be staring the same problems in the face next week. Instead I’m making myself a promise; I promise to be consistent, to apply myself regardless of the outcome, and get the most of each workout. That’s enough of that now.


1) Clean & Jerk
2×2 @ 70% 157.5 Rest 60-90
2×1 @ 75% 168.75
2×1 @ 85% 191.25
2×1 @ 90% 202.5
4×1 @ 75% 168.75 Rest 30

2a) Pendlay Row 3×5 @ 175-180

2b) Jumping Good Morning 3×5 @ 135-145 135, 135, 135

Strength High Bar Back Squat
Every 30 seconds for 2:00 1 rep @ 70% 215
Every 45 seconds for 2:15 1 rep @ 75% 228.75
Every 60 seconds for 2:00 1 rep @ 80% 245


3 Rounds for Time
Row 500m
75 DU
Time: 21:58

Clean & Jerk Breakdown

The lighter weights really posed no issue, which I suppose shouldn’t be surprising

0:22 – Dip for the jerk is still quite bad, you can see very clearly my knees rotate inward and my heels come off the ground. Ideally neither of these should happen.

In general my jerks are finishing a bit high, with my knee below my hip crease, as the weights go up this will have to change

4:05 – The dip on this one was probably my best of the day, only a bit of heel drift

4:57 – The difference between my hip and shoulder height is a problem, my hips shot up far too quickly. Net result, landed forward and on my toes rather than stably on my heels, almost lost that rep

5:48 – This pull was much better the bar hit my hips right at the top of my shoulder extension

5:53 – Looking at the tape I’m not sure why I dipped this one, my only conclusion from this angle is that my midline broke and I let my elbows drop down.

I hit the limit on my phone, it took me 2 more tries but I eventually hit a 2nd clean rep at 205#

Side View

6:00-6:11 – I wanted to watch the bar path here, and specifically look at my back stability. It’s fairly obvious that my upper back is kinked through the pull, and my lower back has a faint wink at the bottom

6:33 – The jerk looks pretty good from this angle, the dip is pretty aggressive, but the catch looks solid, front shin is nearly vertical, knee is at about 70 degrees, back knee is bent and stable, arms fairly well aligned overhead, if not a little forward. Room for improvement but solid.

I work on double unders as often as I can remember to work on them, and it’s never enough. If I’m lucky and focused I can chain 15-20, but like everything else, when the wheels come off they don’t go back on easily. Especially after that second 500m row, the double-unders just disappeared. It was basically a masochistic exercise of self-flagellation, I’d hit 3-5 and then wham, right in the shins. There were times where my arms and my feet felt like they weren’t even attached to the same body, I jumped, the rope didn’t move, I whipped, my feet didn’t move. Singles don’t get me anywhere, so it was the right call, but I felt pretty stupid the whole time. After today I wanted to do extra work, but I never know what to do to ensure I’m fresh enough for the next day. I think I’m going to start just sucking it up because I need the extra work, at least until recovery becomes an issue.

One pan meals are the shit. They’re ridiculously easy, quick, a good way to empty the fridge, and tasty as hell. Tonight was 2 strips of bacon, 1/3 chopped onion, 2 pulled smoked chicken thighs, kale and 6 eggs. Tasted fantastic, looked like hell. Seriously though, paleo is easy, try it. Speaking of which, working on a big paleo post – stay tuned.

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  1. I think peanut M&M are the best M&M, that’s why its are so easy to eat an entire bag full.
    Also any meal that contains both kale and bacon has to be good! I mean really how can you go wrong there.

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