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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Outlaw Way – 121010 (w.Vid)

Outlaw Way – 121010 (w.Vid)

I didn’t go to work today. Busted. I chose to be productive from home, which of course means I finished my longest post to date, “A Grizzly Guide to Paleo” which seemed like a perfect way to celebrate being a blog for one whole week. Go me! I was reading some of my goto paleo blogs prepping the post, and I noticed NomNomPaleo was having a Kimchi giveaway! Then I started reading/remembering all the great things I read about fermented foods and how good they are for your gut and the bacteria that call it home. So what did I do? I ordered some! As I’ve mentioned before – I’m a dive-in-head-first kind of person, so instead of the 1 or 2 jar packages, I went right for the 4 jar package; I have no regrets.

So what happens when you don’t go to work and write an enormous post about Paleo? You drink tea, lots of tea. I love tea, I love coffee more but I’m trying to save coffee for when I really need it, so the tea came out. There are two goto types of tea in my appartement; green and black. Black packs a bigger punch, green is a mellower energy that feels cleaner thanks to the EGCG. Whichever I choose, I always mix in some red (roibos) for flavor. If you’re trying to break loose of coffee or just want something new to try, check out these 3 teas; odds are you’ll find one suits you. You know what else happens, around 12:30 you get bored-hungry and eat 10oz of cashews..yeah that happened; not my proudest moment but at least they’re gone now. Problem solved. Oh right…this is a crossfit blog, better talk about it.


1) Snatch from High Boxes 7×2 Rest 60 seconds
aim for 150 115
2) Clean from High Boxes 7×2 Rest 60 seconds
aim for 225 205

Strength & 3×7 Seated DB Shoulder Press 50#
Conditioning 3×15 Reverse Hypers BW
3×20 Front Rack BB Step-up 95#
3×7 Weighted Muscle Ups Banded Thin-black band (50#)

Today fit perfectly with the theme of this week – just feeling “off” in general continues to bother me. I’m a mental person, you don’t need to psyche me out, I’ll do it myself; I’m trying so hard to try hard that I end up shooting myself in the foot. In any case I took a huge warmup today, I focused on my double-unders as yesterday made me painfully aware how deficient I still was, then I made sure to get a decent amount of calf, knee, hip mobility work in, then right into olympic warmups. The snatch work was a train wreck, as you can see I was trying to shoot for 150, my warmup stalled out at 135 and I had to drop down to 115 to get it done. The cleans weren’t the worst ever, but again, I had higher expectations. Which brings me to the Oly video for today. (The Oly work is at the end, after the double-unders).

DU & Clean Comments

Double Unders

  • First let me just say these are HILARIOUS to watch in slow motion, especially with the sound on
  • Second it’s hard to see the rope, well impossible really; so I’m going to watch my hands
  • From what I can tell, it seems to be a rhythm problem, I’m fine for a few but then my hand speed exceeds my jump speed and I hit myself in the feet
  • Likewise, I’m not stable enough, both my jump and my hands move quite a bit, so holding a stronger form will definitely help reduce variability
  • Looks like better coordination and more practice
  • I’m going to run this by our coach, David, to see what else he can add


  • Starts at 3:26
  • 3:33 – Pull is early, the shrug isn’t even close to complete when my elbows break, and I’m not getting the bar to my hips first
  • 3:40 – My front rack under load needs work, I need to cue elbows up to keep that upper back round out of the picture
  • The second clean actually looks much better in most of these regards, which means I just need to focus more
  • 4:09 – Ouch my back!

I like the wednesday work for Outlaw because it reminds me of a regular gym, sets and reps, no time limits. It’s tough, challenging, but I don’t feel that WOD timer breathing down my neck. Plus I got to practice some muscle-ups which I also need to work on if I’m going to be competitive. I felt so good at the end that I threw in some extra pullups, hand-release pushups, ball slams, and ab-mat situps. WOooooeyyy.

On a personal note, I’m having some motivational issues lately. Off days tend to bring me down and when I’m down I tend to get lodged there for longish spans of time. Failure, like most people, upsets me. I set the bar pretty high for myself in all walks, including crossfit; and I don’t take being humbled well. Sure when I first started crossfit I was bad at everything, we all were. But now I’m not bad at everything, I’m only bad at a short list of things and these last few days have pointed out far too many of them. Less than a week after my first Outlaw PR and I’m already doubting myself. I have a trip planned this weekend that I hope will recharge me a bit. If not I will have to get creative!

Voodoo Floss in action!

Maybe I should plan another trip back here – I miss this place; that would reinvigorate anyone

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