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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, WOD

Outlaw Way 121015 | BB Gymnastics and Liverwurst

Outlaw Way 121015 | BB Gymnastics and Liverwurst

Today was an important day, not for any calendar or real reason, but because it started so badly and finished so strongly. When I woke up this morning I was quite a sourpuss, in the truest meaning of the word which is unusual for a few reasons; unlike most I work several weekends a month, so Monday doesn’t have the typical “back to work” feel, Monday is typically my first day after a solid 36 hours of rest – so I feel ready to jump into whatever punishment Rudy has planned, and finally my Mashup Monday post usually keeps me energized and focused. Today found only one of these to be true, I had had a nice long weekend and was feeling very well rested. So today was important for a personal reason, I can get very negative, I can ruin the best of things with my attitude, at 3:00 I had reached a decision point – and I made the choice to not let my spiral continue, and by the time I got to my box, that was the last I’d thought of it. So I’ll apologize once for my moody music post earlier, and let that be the end of it.

Walking into my box I was greeted by some pleasant news, fellow Outlaw devotee Jake’s little brother had found my blog and questioned him about it; this made me smile – the internet is a wonderful place. Then into warmup and 121015. Warmup was a bit longer given the long weekend I’d had, 1000m row, 5 minutes of DU’s and a fuckton of mobility. Then Outlaw.


BB Gymnastics
1) Snatch 2×2 108.5
2×2 124
2×1 139.5
2×1 147.25
4×1 124
2a) Snatch Deadlift to knee 3×5 185

2b) Snatch grip push press 3×5 145

Skill 12 Min handstand walk

30 T2B
20 KB Thruster
Row 1k
20 KB Thruster
30 T2B 15:48:00

The snatch warmup felt particularly good, which was a blessing, as those usually don’t feel great, especially after a rest. Further, the Outlaw work called for 95% of my 1RM, so a bad warmup might’ve been the nail in that coffin. My focus for the day was keeping the bar close and finishing on my heels, ideally that would leave me nice and sturdy under the bar and without any tweaks to my knee parts. Let’s go to the video.

BB Gymnastics, Snatch Pull, HS Walk

Snatch Work

  • “Show off your pits” – need to make it into my cue list for the catch, that’ll keep my torso more upright I hope
  • For the most part I’m okay with the pulls off the floor, but my continued disgust with my hips continues to plague me, focusing on keeping the bar close to my shins
  • 3:40 – The catch on this one was particularly good I thought, my armpits are nice and turned out, my chest is more vertical than I’ve seen it yet, problem – hip depth is right on the border of power snatching

Snatch Pull

  • I included these mostly as a check to make sure my back was not rounding horribly, the key to these is to keep the back tight and lats pulling the bar close.
  • Since this is a very important part of the snatch for me I was glad to see my back position was more or less solid, even if the hips are a tad high

HS Walk

  • This is mostly for laughs – these will probably be one of the last skills I master, but practice and practice some more I will.
  • In case you’re curious this is one of the better-ish attempts in that I actually leave the wall rather gracefully, but this should give you a good idea of how sexily coordinated I am

Snatching went well, 95% for 2×1 was pretty solid, didn’t even take more than 1 attempt each. The strength work felt good as well, the behind the back work worried me as that tends to put my shoulders in unhealthy positions but I worked my way to 145 without much complain. The snatch pulls I truthfully should work in more of, those will probably help my snatch more than anything else, save maybe snatch balances. Finally the WOD, I’m awful at T2B, I don’t know what gets tired but after about 12-15 my toes just don’t go anymore. I powered through the last 15 on the first set in mini-sets of whatever I could get. I decided early on to split the thrusters into sets of 5 because the last thing I wanted was to get so fatigued that I lost them entirely. I had a decent pace going into the row, but the second set of thrusters destroyed my shoulders, I’m actually still icing one – I think I bruised a bone. How do you make a thruster worse? Add kettlebells…and the final set of T2B went for about 10-15 and then I was no-repping a lot so I did as many K2E as I could, then finished with a cash out of 30 V-ups because well it’s midline work. Result 15:45 mostly Rx.

By the way – some pretty huge electronic releases have been on repeat for me these last 4 or 5 days; check em out.

And how could I forget – Liverwurst! Best dinner I’ll make all week.

All natural LIVERWURSTTT!!

Liverwurst, onion, eggs, salsa – perfection…oh and a bowl of broccoli

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