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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, WOD

Outlaw Way 121016 (w.Videos)

Outlaw Way 121016 (w.Videos)

Today I discovered Kimchi – it arrived at my doorstep just in time for dinner, I’d read a bit online about it and thought bacon, liverwurst, eggs, and kimchi would make a fantastic treat. It was one of my favorite egg diners to date. I’d been having a huge Asian foods craving that I’d been having a hard time filling; this kimchi really hit the spot. I’m excited to see what else goes well with it. Here’s to gut health!

This morning I wrote a post about injury vs. discomfort and how to tell the difference, along with the basics of answering the question, “Can I train today?” Today I put myself through the test, first I had to figure out if I should even show up, my shoulder felt pretty good all things considered, leaning more towards discomfort than injury. Once I showed up, the second test was to see how my shoulder actually felt, a quick 700m row actually felt good, I only noticed my shoulder when I thought about it. Next step, warmup the clean, the barbell warmup didn’t cause any issue. From there I decided I was probably okay – discomfort conquered and training ensued. Big picture preserved and good workout had.

Injury aside, I walked into a huge Outlaw bro-fest this afternoon. I mean this, of course, in the best light possible, there’s nothing better than succeeding as part of a group. When I walked in they were working on a 1RM OHS, they were up to about 245#, already impressive to me. When they got up to the 300’s I was pretty much speechless. Coach David finally settled on 335# – for a bit of perspective that’s 30 pounds heavier than my back squat. Outlaw man…it makes some Monsters. I’m not sure if it’ll make the main Outlaw page, but I thought it deserved to be up somewhere – so here it is. Damn impressive.

It kind of goes downhill from there; nothing I did today even comes close to this.


BB Gymnastics
1) Clean & Jerk
2×2 157.5
2×2 180
2×1 202.5
2×1 213.75 (1, 0, 0, 0)
4×1 180

2a) Pendlay Row 3×5 190

2b) Jumping Good Morning 3×5 135

Strength Back Squat 1×5 244
2×3 259.25
2×2 274.5
2×1 274.5

5 Rounds Round 1 2:45:00
15 C2B Round 2 2:45:00
Run 200m Round 3 2:57:00
20 Wall Ball 20# Round 4 2:50:00
Rest 1:1 Round 5 3:10:00
For Time

Let’s break this down – Tuesday’s are ridiculously long so let’s just jump in. The cleans felt heavy, especially the jerks, they were very slow and not solid. I put a lot of pressure on myself, it puts me in a negative space when I get going so I need to be careful of that. That being said, I got going pretty strongly, I didn’t start to struggle until the sets at 95%. The first rep cleaned fine, the jerk was ugly as shiiiit, poorly split, and pressed it up, I was more embarrassed than if I’d failed. Then I turned the camera on, and proceeded to fail three more times…like I said David’s OHS was the most impressive thing that happened today.

Failure, Failure Failure!

  1. First failure – no secret here, my front rack broke, I got under the bar by the skin of my teeth, and paid for it
  2. Second failure – cleaner catch but man the drive out of the hole felt like molasses, took a lot out of me which is likely why the jerk failed so aggressively. The dip/drive was really deep, internal and heels off the floor. Looking 0:53 the jerk and catch was actually quite solid, but as the weight came down my right arm bent, threw off my weight and boom!
  3. Third failure – Unfortunately the third looked more like the first than the second, cave in avalanche…

Pendlay rows and jumping good mornings came and passed rather quickly and painlessly, nothing really special there. The back squats are a bit of a different story, 1×5 at 80% was meh, but 2×3 @85% sucked, that third rep was grinding and evil. Then the 2×2 @90%, those second reps got heavy. This is the first time I can remember doing percentage work for Outlaw and feeling like I was doing it wrong. Maybe its diet, rest, or recovery related; or maybe it was just a bad day. Then came the WOD, actually wasn’t that terrible the 1:1 rest really took the edge off, I probably paced this a little too aggressively, my pull-ups aren’t that great, they were taking me about a minute, the runs were slower than they should’ve been. The wall balls I did unbroken, which I was proud of because my air squats are crap, today they weren’t!

The lineup. Trials and tribulations

Which brings me to my last point – shoes! Today was the first day I wore my Nano’s. Typically I greet hype with a large dose of skepticism, the first round of Nano’s shared this fate. I dismissed them, how remarkable could a shoe be? Granted, it has only been a day, but these are by far the best shoes I’ve done a WOD in. I don’t see myself snatching in them ever by preference, you’ll have to pry my bright fucking green Romaleos out of my cold dead hands. But they might just creep more and more into my life. The jury is still out but I’ll be sure to update.

Dead sexy

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