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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, WOD

Outlaw Way 121017 (w.Videos)

Outlaw Way 121017 (w.Videos)

My mouth is literally stuck shut, which is a problem because it’s preventing the next spoonful of almond butter from entering my body. Get in my belleh! Good news, finished all my almond butter just in time for no-nut-november; bad news, there was way more than a respectable serving. Then again I don’t think I’ve actually eaten a true serving size of anything since about 5th grade – so let’s not pretend that happens often.

Super busy at the box lately, look at all that fitness!

My shoulder has now survived two workouts since Monday’s mysterious AC joint debacle – which is exciting and important since tomorrow night is Friday Night Throwdown #2 and we have a reputation to uphold. Coach David programmed this one which means it’ll be an ass-kicker, I’m honestly kind of terrified. I know at least one thing, there will be rope climbs, which I can do now with my feet, I used to do them arms only and could only do about 3 before resting! Here’s the thing, my middle finger is still swollen which is affecting my grip…might make rope climbs difficult. I guess we’ll see. On the bright side, the Nano’s are functioning wonderfully and I can’t wait to test them out for real tomorrow.


WOD # 121017

BB Gymnastics
1) Snatch from boxes above knee 10×1 Rest 60 125#

2) Clean from boxes above knee 10×1 Rest 60 185# then 195#

Strength 3×5 Push Press 135#
3×12 Reverse Hyper 185#
3×12 Bulg Split Squat (front rack) 125#
3×1 ME Rope Climb 15′ (NOPE!)

BB Gymnastic Notes

  • Snatches felt fantastic today, probably because off the blocks my form off the ground doesn’t have a chance to go to absolute shit.
  • Oh right I forgot – I decided to start recording on set #9, which was my first miss..but I came back around for it
  • The bar isn’t quite as close as I’d like, and the bar path is a bit too wavvvy – which is why this point of view is great, you can see how much horizontal bar movement there is, ideally there should be almost none.
  • The bottom isn’t perfect either, my shoulder flexibility is there but my hips still keep my torso pushed forward when I’d like to be more towards 80 degrees or so.
  • Cleans felt better than yesterday, not quite as heavy, then again it was lighter and it was off boxes…
  • I recorded all of these but they all kind of look the same so I only grabbed a couple to talk about
  • The bar path is MUCH cleaner on these, almost perfect, which I’m very pleased with
  • Around 1:02 or the bottom of any of the cleans, I’m still “winking” a bit with my lower back, breaking that stability, it’s something I’m focusing on and it was actually better than usual today
  • The last one was probably the cleanest of the bunch, the lower back even looked better (sorry it’s hard to see) progress!

In case you didn’t read the video break down, no hard feelings by the way, I had a pretty good day of olympic lifts, off the boxes are always cleaner than from the floor. Snatches went well, lots to work on still as always, the cleans are progressing nicely, if I could just get the damn jerk to fall in line. Other than that, I love Wednesday’s work, its focused and short. The push press were heavy-ish, I get the feeling my dip still isn’t quite what it should be, so I’m not being as efficient as I could be. Reverse Hypers are subbed for Romanian Deadlifts, Dave said he used 205, so I thought 185 would suffice, and it did for 12 UB I felt it. The Bulgarian split squats were tough, balance was a concern but it’s just an awkward movement, with a box jammed into the corner of your ankle, I tried to get through them quickly but efficiently. I think I succeeded. All in all the work only took about 10 minutes; though I skipped the rope climbs because a little bird told me I’ll be doing plenty of them tomorrow…

I’ve been eating like a horse lately, but it’s not entirely my fault – I blame food. Yes it’s the foods fault. Bacon wrapped chicken breasts w/Onion, kimchi, over broccoli! I don’t think I could eat any faster; then almond butter to finish the night. Fucking rockstar. Oh and The League is on – so I’m pretty much the happiest person on the planet. Sorry 2nd happiest person, I win, for now…

A+ for taste, B- for photography

Three things I’ll never be without – what’re your essentials??


  1. Bacon wrapped chicken is yummy. I love how many people are at your box, all looking very busy, the box I go to right now is small but still has an awesome atmosphere.

    • Woo first repeat commenter! And yea it’s been very busy these days, in a really good way; I love seeing all the new faces and enthusiasm! Yay Bacon!

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