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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Olympic Lifts, WOD

Outlaw Way 121019 (w.Video)

Outlaw Way 121019 (w.Video)

No lies – today got aggressive in the post writing department, this will be my fourth, somehow I still have plenty I want to share with everyone. If you eat Paleo, or are even considering it, you should read Paleostasis I spent a good amount of time on it, and I think it could really shine some light on the less glamorous side of the lifestyle. Turns out it’s not all bacon and abs. The Heart of America (HOA) team competition is closer than I’d really thought about. Until Friday my focus was on the STL Throwdown series, but with round 2 safely behind me, I have less than 5 days to prepare for the next one.

Heart of America takes place in Springfield, MO – a solid 3 hours and 47 minutes away (thanks Google Maps!) so I don’t want to forget anything at home. I’ve already started making a list..I’m kind of neurotic, but I would rather over-prepare than leave something at home and have to patch together on the fly. Also, there’s not a Whole Foods in Springfield, so I’ll have to hit that up before I hit the road and stock up on all my Paleo beast-mode fair. The theme for this week is preparation. Mentally and physically I want to get myself right. My primary focus will be diet, then recovery, mobility, and skills. At this point my strength and endurance are more or less set, I’m only trying to maintain those and improve my mobility as much as possible – judged movement standards are no joke. I’m ridiculously excited, and it’s only going to get worse approaching Friday.

Jumping squats and burpee’s – ugh.

Sunday is probably the most universal day of rest that I can think of, no one does anything on Sunday. It’s all about rest, food, and relaxation; and occasionally laundry. I can’t remember the last time I was afforded that luxury, yes I’m going to complain about working weekends, and having to WOD on Sunday instead of Saturday – I’m a butt hurt about it; I really dislike it. That being said, I just wrote a post about mindfullness so I try not to think about being upset; today I just had a nice chat with Mike the Sunday coach and started my mobility/warmup. The thing about working all weekend is that I’m stiff, very stiff, and this weekend in particular was very light on mobility, I did a bit on Friday after the competition, but that’s about it until Sunday morning. That’s a huge hiatus for me, I tried to squeeze as much in as I could, but as we’ll soon find out, it wasn’t even close to enough.


BB Gymnastics
1) Every 30 seconds for 4:30
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch 120

2) Every 40 seconds for 6:00
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean + Push Jerk 175

Conditioning 3 rounds for time of:

10 KB Snatch + OH Lunge (R arm, L leg) 24/kg
10 KB Snatch + OH Lunge (L arm, R leg) 24kg
20 Lateral Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
30 Jumping Squats 45# 19:10:00

Click here for Snatch breakdown

Snatch’s and OHS’s arguably require the greatest amount of mobility; popping into my box and trying to throw some of these together was clearly not going to end well. The video demonstrates that pretty wonderfully. As I’ve mentioned, I’m only grabbing a couple from the 10 total reps, they all kind of look the same. Clearly my hips were tight, my ass is way too high out of the gate, the pull from the ground is somewhere between a squat and a deadlift; I’m at almost full deadlift height. This angle shows nicely why that’s a problem, look at my shoulders, they start right over the bar, ideally you want them slightly in front of the bar, more hip mobility means my torso can come forward and remain more upright. Hips and shoulders rise about evenly so that is okay. Triple extension looks good and the bar remains close through the hip. Right at the hip, here’s where it goes to hell, at the top of the pull the bar is a good foot out in front of me, rather than coming straight up off the hip the bar goes out and I’m forced to pull it back and/or jump forward to get underneath it in time – inefficient. Starting from the hang, I’m looking up, instead of forward, so my chest is back and shoulders start behind the bar, not great. The same issue is present here, having to pull the bar back overtop and jump under it, lends itself to instability in the bottom and landing on the toes instead of the heels. I’m snatching again tomorrow after some proper mobility – I hope this will find better performance.

Click here for Clean breakdown

I’ll preface this two ways; I let the quality of the Snatch’s get into my head, I didn’t like the way that turned out. The second comment, is that the bottom of the squat clean felt heavy as shit. I’m on anti-biotics and I’m not sure how I’m reacting, though I imagine my rest/work schedule has something to do with that as well.

Cleans start at 2:19, Jesus that pull off the floor is ugly – the bar hits my hips before my shoulders are anywhere near the top of the lift, that’s just bad form, that’s not even minor that’s doing the lift wrong. I’m embarrassed. Just as with the Snatch, my hang position is not great, I need to get my chest down and my ass back, keeping my back and lats tighter. The shoulders behind the bar shit has got to go. The bar path on the clean is largely better than the Snatch and the bottom of the squat doesn’t look bad, a little rounding in the upper back. 2:59 – Ugh that damn jerk will be the end of me, dipping the knees passed the toes, gross. I’m not sure how to fix this, seems like a Dave issue. The jerk overall isn’t a huge issue, shrugging it up off the shoulders and dipping underneath just fine, looks a bit more like a push press but that’s fine too. Let’s skip to one from the end when I’m tired and see what got worse. Last rep starts at 4:08 – shoulder start in a better position, but the back lets go way to easy, need to keep your back tight all the way through. Bar path is good, elbow speed is good. Hang position got way worse, gross, don’t look. Elbows under the hang were slower, the back stayed tight through the squat which I like. Heels came up on the dip, deja vu, and it was definitely more of a push press instead of a push jerk.

The conditioning work on first glance didn’t seem so bad, I actually thought the Snatch to Lunge would be the worst part. WRONG. So wrong. Lateral burpee over box…so bad, so slow, everything hurt. I’m not good at these, or really any bodyweight exercise that isn’t a ring dip. In any case, these definitely sucked time and made the jumping squats five times harder, by the end I was barely getting off the ground and not even trying to chain them together. The lunges ended up being my favorite part, I like KB snatches and the lunge felt good compared to the squat. Time as Rx, 19:10 – not awful but definite room for improvement. Thanks Mike for letting me take an extra 20 minutes out of your Sunday!

Sweat marks the spot?

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