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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, WOD

Outlaw Way 121022

Outlaw Way 121022

Today was a great day for a Monday, as is usual, working weekends means Monday’s don’t really carry the same weight with me, they’re more like a Wednesday. I spent a solid hour this morning on mobility, which felt fantastic, by the time I left for work I felt more like a supple leopard than I have in awhile. My Mashup Monday post came together quickly and I’m happy with the result, work wasn’t terrible and I managed to be reasonably productive. I got a nice facebook message from a fellow St. Louisian, blog love and what not. Likewise, today has been the most active day since I installed site stats – a whopping 88 views! Watch out internet!

Early morning heel cord love courtesy of MobilityWOD and RogueFitness

The good news pretty much ends around 3:00 when I got to my box however, not sure why; I need to debug a little and figure out what went downhill, but as soon as I started snatching…it went downhill. Warm up was slow but methodic, maybe a little too slow, when you get cold again, that’s probably not a good thing, I get distracted during my warmup, chatting and bullshitting. In any case, the snatch work today was more or less a wash, which was really disappointing for two reasons – first, this close to the competition having things go that wrong is not encouraging; and second, this was a 95% day, meaning I should be hitting these if the programming is working, faling on 90% is bad news. My mind is screaming negative thoughts and I’m trying my damnedest not to listen – I took out my frustration on the conditioning work.


BB Gymnastics
1) Snatch 2×2 108.5
2×2 124
2×1 139.5
2×1 147.25
4×1 131.75

2a) Snatch First Pull 3×5 195
2b) Behind Neck Snatch Grip Push Press 3×5 135

Skill 10 minutes HS prac

Conditioning 50 KB swings 2 Pood
3 Rounds
50′ HS Walk (30 shoulder touch)
15 T2B
30 KB swings 2 Pood

For Time 12:48:00

I have video of the snatch work today – they’re bad, real bad. I almost didn’t post them, but honesty is important so for the sake of full disclosure I’ll put them up. Don’t judge me too much. It’s only like 45 seconds long, it’s my 2nd and 3rd miss at 140#, I didn’t move on to 147#. The pull is slow, getting under it is slow, my flexibility is bad – what a shitstorm. I moved onto the WOD pretty quicky after some wall walks and shoulder touch practice. I wasn’t going to mess with balance. Those 2 Pood KB swings were beastly, I broke the 50 up into 20-10-10-10, probably could’ve gone 20-15-15 but would’ve taken it’s toll on my shoulders. The shoulder touches were supposed to be walks, but my balance just isn’t there yet, so I did 30 alternate shoulder touches, they actually weren’t bad, after the first 30, I did 20-10, 15-15. I suck at fucking T2B, I can’t string them together, and then my form breaks, I did just about all of these in sets of 5, if you can even call them sets of 5, really they are just awkwardly fast sets of 1. The last set of KB swings went 10-10-10 and time! Rx – 12:48:00

Post workout “beard juice” – a.k.a. pumpkin puree, coconut flour, coconut water, coconut milk, whey isolate, and ice – does a body good.

Making a list and checking it twice – HOA is closer than I care to admit

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