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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 121023

Outlaw Way 121023

I spend wayyy too much time at my box – today I got there at 3:32 and left at 6:48…that’s a long ass time, like ridiculously long. I have two excuses, excuse #1 is that Tuesdays are always long days under Outlaw way, there’s a full set of BB Gymnastics, a super set of strength work, a full series of back squats, and then a conditioning WOD, trying to keep pace through all that gets consuming. First clean, to last squat was 55 minutes, not including a WOD or any of my warmup/mobility. Excuse #2, coach David made an excellent point that classes push you harder than you can push yourself, and it’s totally true. That means I have to time my strength work more carefully, and that if I fuck it up, I have to stand around for 20 minutes until the class is ready to do the WOD. Not that big of a deal but good information in general.

I was a bad blogger today, I had my phone playing music the whole workout and didn’t take any pictures till the end, so all you get are my shitty food pictures and David’s awesome witch drawing, which he was extremely proud of. Good news though, well exciting, I started programming things for my sister, she’s working on conditioning, her gym is extremely poorly equipped so that’ll be a challenge but she seems really excited and I really like the idea of helping her out, and programming is a new and fun challenge. Especially since soccer isn’t a sport often programmed for Crossfit. Good thing number 2, I got DU’s today, lie a lot of them in a row, not the 8 or 9 then hitting myself in the shin, it was a solid 40 or 50, then David made a joke about something stupid, I don’t even remember, it was like tampons or something and I broke. But the point is that I think I’m confident enough that I can add those to the list of things I no longer need to obsess about.


BB Gymnastics
1) Clean & Jerk 2×2 154
2×2 176
3×1 198
1×1 209
4×1 187

2a) 3×5 Pendlay Row 195
2b) 3×5 Jumping Good Morning 145

Strength Back Squat
1×5 244
2×3 259.25
3×1 274.5
1×1 289.75

Conditioning 3 Rounds for time
Run 400m
21 C2B
12 Deadlift 275# 14:19:00

Unlike my extreme snatching fiasco of Sunday/Monday – today’s Olympic work went much smoother; I was pretty determined not to suck today – went better than expected. My 90% reps felt so good that I ended up doing the 95% rep closer to 98%, it was 215 out of 220, whatever that is. It went well, Tim even said so. The rows and jumping good morning are kind of a rest honestly, the pace is slow, and they’re heavy enough to keep you breathing but not really tax you. Maybe that means I’m just being a pussy and doing them too light. I still don’t know if I’m doing jumping good mornings right, no one says anything but that doesn’t mean much, it just feels weird. The squats were heavy, and for some reason I couldn’t do math today, so I fucked up a bunch of the sets, I did 245 for a warmup because I thought my first set was at I did extra reps at 245, only 3 though. Then I did a set of 3 at 275 thinking I was still in the 260 column, so I was pretty gassed by the time I got to the rest, still completed, but it was grinding. Then I had 20 minutes to blow before the WOD, so I jumped rope, rowed, warmed up the pullups and some deadlift – it was awkward, I need to figure out how to time this better.

The conditioning today was tough, the run wasn’t terrible, it was kind of a good rest to stretch my legs after the deadlifts. The deadlift was heavy, not 315 heavy like previous WOD’s but heavy, 275 for 36 is a lot, and the pull ups gassed the shit out of my lats so there was nothing at all to keep the bar close. David yelled at me about my back form, which means it was bad, which means I suck…better next time. 14:19 was pretty solid though, I’m pleased with it.

I’m still debating how much to work before HOA, I’m thinking tomorrow will be my last full WOD, but I still want to stay active on Thursday and Friday, probably just some barbell work, or a running WOD or something. Maybe a really low key “Cindy,” I don’t know. I’ll keep you updated. Tomorrow – amazingly excited, because it’s HALLOWEEN, which means WOD’s in costume, PLUS, tomorrows WOD is FRAN!! I’ve neve done FRAN, I’m terrified but I want to kill it, I might throw up out of pure excitement. AhH! What’s my costume you ask? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow, but jorts and my beard are both key to it. Guess away!

Thighs, Guac & Kimchi – yummmm

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