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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Paleo Lifestyle, WOD

Outlaw Way 121024 (sort of) +FRAN-OWEEN

Outlaw Way 121024 (sort of) +FRAN-OWEEN

I speak in hyperbole about 80% of the time, in other words I exaggerate a lot, and I make sweeping generalizations that often don’t even describe something that could pass for reality in a cartoon. In any case, today was the best day ever. Why? First, at work I was sort of half offered a promotion, it’s still kind of in the air, but it’s a great direction and good news and I’m really excited for it! Future things yay! Second, Heart of America is less than 48 hours away and I’m catching the itch, that nervous excitement bug that keeps you from sleeping, it’s awesome especially if you have a sweet blog to channel all that energy into. Third, it’s HALLOWEEN, universally agreed upon as one of the best holidays on the planet. Fourth, I did not dress up and go to Halloween parties last Saturday like everyone in the world, no I’m not that cool, I was lame, and tired, and don’t like alcohol because it means my workouts get worse, so I watched TV and slept. Insteadddd I dressed up for our WOD today, which was FRAN. I’ve never done Fran and really really wanted to. It was fate, a sign from on high, Fran, Halloween, last WOD before major competition, yes – this was happening. So not only did I dress up as one fine ass slutty Lumberjack (which many people confused for a 6th village person), but I also did Fran, and 1RM OHS, in work boots. Get at me.

Coach David took some pictures during the WOD, which he assured me he would e-mail, I’m holding my breath. In the meantime I posted one group shot to instagram. I have another that is literally a bathroom selfy and makes me look like a self conscious lesbian, but I might post it if David drops the ball. We’ll see. In any case – today was basically the best day in a long time, and I really needed the jolt of positive energy. Things were getting dark.

This is how happy I am, I am at work, until probably 10pm or later, on Halloween, and I’m not upset in the slightest – that’s how good of a day I’m having.

Good thing I had a lot of explosive thoughts and run-on sentences to get me through this post because the workout really wasn’t that extensive. This workout was paired with Rudy’s birthday, Fran and DT are his two favorite WOD’s and we never do OHS so that was in there too. That was the whole day, 1RM OHS, Fran, DT. Obviously I didn’t do DT, and I didn’t really get to a true 1RM OHS, just whatever I got done in the 10 minutes or so that we were working on it. So 2 reps at 165, then Fran in 5:48. Honestly I was terrified of the thrusters, but after yesterdays 3 rounds of 21 C2B pull-ups, the thrusters were cake, the pull-ups is really where I lost time. I did all rounds of the thrusters unbroken, and at a solid pace. The pull-ups I broke up into 11/10, 7/5/3, 2/2/2/2/1 I never thought 9 pull-ups would be the end of me…but it was. Still I’m told 5:48 is a respectable time, so I stand by it proudly, workboots, jorts, axe and all!

Paleo dinner at work!

What a stud.

Post-costume home security

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