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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, WOD

Outlaw Way 121029 (Deload) +HoA Pics

Outlaw Way 121029 (Deload) +HoA Pics

Today marks the start of an Outlaw deload week. I’m not going to worry about the work I missed over the weekend, as much as I’d like to do DT and the hero WOD it just doesn’t make sense to try and squeeze that in. A deload week is a traditional weightlifting and bodybuilding concept that doesn’t get a ton of credit but is really important to steady progress. The idea behind deloading is to train in mesocycles, which is simply a phase in your training plan with a specific focus, the last 8 weeks was focused primarily on back squats. At the end of each mesocycle you need to deload for about a week, a deload is exactly as it sounds, reduce volume and reduce weight, so the goal is to work at a lower weight for fewer reps, but not to do no work at all. The purpose is two-fold, to let your body and mind recover from the last 8 weeks and to prime your body for the next cycle and get the most out of it.

That being said – today was pretty rough, quick, but rough.


WOD # 121029

BB Gymnastics
1) 15 Min. 1RM Snatch from blocks 150


5 Rounds
250m row
10 Squat clean thruster 95#
15 Burpee

Rest 3 minutes
For time ~32:00

Look at this nice little short day…hah. The BB gymnastics weren’t really surprising, my snatches have not been great lately, so to expect them to suddenly be amazing and to hit a PR would bu unrealistic. Though my first few sets felt quite good, probably due to about 45 minutes of mobility pre-workout. As soon as the weight got higher than 135 my epicondylitis came charging back, ice and NSAID’s tonight. Then I played coach a little and tried to help some of my HOA brethren with their Oly work and did some mobility work for 45 minutes or so before class at 5:30. I’m trying to do more WOD’s with the class because it really does push me harder than I can push myself. Especially today, instead of the Outlaw prescribed 3:00 rest, we did it as a partner WOD which was fantastic. Fresh off the HOA team vibes I was all about this, I’m not sure if my partner loved it but I was vocal as hell. Pretty sure the class picked up the vibes, because they went for it. I won’t take all the credit, but given the option to be done at 20:00 in, not one person stopped, everyone finished. Rowing all out knowing you have squat-clean-thrusters is hard to force yourself to do, the quads were burning. I think the first two sets went unbroken, the rest all got chopped up. Burpees suck, and will always suck. I didn’t even think to look at the clock when my partner and I finished – it was around 32:00, but I have no idea what my rounds and his rounds were. We’ll call it even, lord this one sucked.

October Outlaw Log (Closed)

November Outlaw Log (Open)

For those who care – my old log and my new log are both still up and public, I update them daily for anyone curious or wanting to catch up in a hurry.

The official photographer for HOA released their pictures today, all 2000, I combed through and found the worthy ones – they’re really nice. Check em out below.

Day 3, WOD #6, some heavy clean and jerks

Day 1, WOD 1 – Textbook overhead squatting!

Day 1, WOD 1, Double unders looking easy

Love this one – lined up for the start, Day 2, WOD #3.

Buck Furpees!

E man bringing it home!

Tim beasting through some bar muscle ups – at the expense of his ribs!

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