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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Paleo Lifestyle, Recipe, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 121030 (PR Video)

Outlaw Way 121030 (PR Video)

I’m not sure what the hell was wrong with me all day today, but from the minute I woke up until I walked into my box; I was a walking zombie. No amount of coffee could rouse me from my stupor. Sometimes your body just doesn’t get that “wake up” message I guess. I’m almost certain its related to the daylight savings switch, its been dark and gray nearly every time I’m outside – quite the downer. When I got to the box though, adrenaline or something kicked in because it was the most energy I’d had all day and I was just warming up. Whatever it was – I’ll take it, maybe my body is trying to tell me to start WOD’ing in the AM…then again maybe not.

Deload week continues. Today for the first time I really felt like I needed the deload, things hurt; nothing that didn’t hurt before, but my body is definitely giving me the stop sign. My elbows did not like the 3xME pull-ups today, my knees are a bit angry at me for 1RM squats, and I’m pretty sure I have rope marks from the DU’s. So the theme for the next 72 hours or so is – recovery and discomfort management. Which brings us to the WOD.

Game face.


BB Gymnastics
1) 20 min 1RM Back Squat 320

Conditioning 3 Rounds
10 Deadlifts @ 275 7:34:00
50 DU
Rest 10 minutes
3xME Pull-ups 8,8,6

Obviously this doesn’t look like much; and even though I was running late I managed to squeeze my way into the class in time for the 1RM squat work. Not having much time to warm up I didn’t do my traditional 45 minutes of mobility work – I was a bit worried but I took a few warmup sets at 135 to get my hips and knees situated properly. By the time we got to 225 I was feeling pretty good. So there was 135×5, 225×3, 245×3, 265×1, 295×1 (which felt really good), 315×1, 320×1 – 15 pound PR. I’m pretty keyed up for this, Rudy himself said not to expect PR’s from this 8 week cycle, then again my body is probably still adapting to the Outlaw volume, which I’m going to credit this PR. I’ll regret those 15 pounds next week when I have to start using 320 for my percentages…I think I might’ve had 325/330 in me but I ran out of time, c’est la vie.

The conditioning work was short and sweet, I like working on double unders, something about doing a big set of them just gives me a good feeling. Being a naturally uncoordinated person these are hard for me so doing them right is a pretty big accomplishment. That being said, when we warmed these up I did nothing but slap my feet with the rope for a solid 4 minutes, it seems in my weekend of competition I’d forgotten how to do a double under. Coach David to the rescue! He came over and said “Well yeah you’re hands are shooting straight back.” and no sooner did he walk away than I pounded out a set of 20. There you go. My DU’s are far from perfect, I’m inconsistent, and I’m still far too stiff which leaves my forearms and triceps fatigued, but I can do them and I still get good conditioning from them. The WOD was pretty awesome, 275 deadlifts felt strong and fast, and I managed to keep the double unders at an aggressive enough pace to get a good sweat. Overall I give today an 8/10. I stayed after to do the pull-ups which aggravated some tendonitis in my elbows (Yay!), and to cheer on the 5:30 class doing their 1RM squats.

I didn’t tell you guys this, but I have a rule, when I hit a PR, I get to treat myself to whole foods/trader joes. These aren’t everyday grocery stops for me, special occasions only for budget reasons. But today I hit two PR’s (315 and 320) so I figured I’d earned it. I treated myself to NomNomPaleo’s “Easiest Roast Chicken Ever.” Which is pretty easy, holy balls that’s the best chicken I’ve put in my mouth. It’s my first time using grass fed butter, and parsnips! I didn’t realize I missed butter – but I missed butter big time…I will have dreams about this meal. Typically I’m just “making food” tonight I cooked.

Prepping the ingredients – turns out I didn’t actually need the celery…oops

Step 1. Remove backbone

Step 2. Split top of breast bone.

Step 3. Cut up veggies and spread on roasting pan

Step 4. Lay chicken, cover in Kerrygold, bake at 425 for 45 minutes.

Step 5. Profit!

Dinner is served – so delicious

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