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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Recovery, WOD

Outlaw Way 121031 (I hate running)

Outlaw Way 121031 (I hate running)

Life wise – today was a pretty cool day, I found a new blog to read (KFB) and thanks to the extra traffic from David posting a link to my HOA recap, my site finally broke 100 visits in a day, I hit 98 before but today is well over 100 – big things people – big things. I’m quite certain my body is telling me to take a day off, which is good because tomorrow’s Outlaw WOD is a rest day. My elbows aren’t quite 100%, my right knee has a twinge and some bruising and today my calves locked up like they knew I wanted an excuse not to run 3 miles. I did it anyways, along with everything else, today was a discomfort day, hopefully it stays discomfort. In any case I now have 4 ice packs taped to my joints. I don’t like NSAID’s, I only take them if absolutely necessary – I’m still resisting…stay tuned.

Today I found my dream car. It’s called a Legacy Power Wagon and it’s one of the only vehicles yet seen that goes great with a beard and axe – thus I love it. Oh I also found a bomb axe, I wish I had a hobby to use an axe with…If I ever quit my job I’ve decided I’m buying one of these and driving into the Canadian wilderness to live in a log cabin with many pelts. Though my dependence on electricity and internet might short change this a bit. A guy can dream right?


15 Minutes:
Run 1 Mile 7:21:00
3RM Power clean 215
15 Minutes:
Run 1 Mile 7:47:00
3 x UB Ring Dips 12,8,8
Run 1 Mile: 7:25:00
1RM Bench Press 245

I hate running. As I told David today, I think it’s a relic of my middle school days when we had to run 1/2 miles as part of the presidential council on fitness tests or whatever they’re called. Honesty time, I was a fat middle schooler – I ate chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes for lunch, on the days when I didn’t just eat cookies; yeah that bad. So physical fitness wasn’t on the top of my priority list, and running 8 minutes 1/2 miles was torture. So there it is, I hate running cause I was fat in middle school, the good news is I’m a lot better at it now than I probably give myself credit for. The new nano’s helped a ton, the inov8’s really rocked my feet, I can tell the nano’s fit my feet better. The first mile I wasn’t even trying to run I was thinking more about landing on the ball of my foot and not heel striking and breathing right and keeping my chest up and breathing and not getting lost…it was a very complicated mile.

The miles were really the “work” in this WOD, 8 minutes of power cleans including setting up the weights really isn’t a ton of time, so I did 135, 185, 205, 215 and rested for the next run. The ring dips were kind of a joke because I didn’t kip, so 12, 8, 8 strict actually didn’t tax me that much, I’ll have to get into a rhythm on these because that’s going to hold me back really soon. Knowing the 3rd mile was last I pushed myself a little harder, and I haven’t done a 1RM bench in..a long time, so I was pretty pleased to be able to hit 245 and run out of time before I had to bail or get a spot. I’ll take it.

While scribbling away at this I remembered a post I read about kenes, from Crossfit Verve, which documents all of the ligaments of the knee very simply and nicely.

I’m guessing that I’m doing something goofy coming out of the bottom of my squat and putting pressure on my MCL…

Thus, when we externally rotate our leg and hip system, we simply add tension to a mobile ligament in a direction that it can handle. The MCL on the other hand, is purportedly the most injured knee ligament. It is injured when the knee is twisted to the inside repeatedly over time, or with excessive shock to the inside.

I’m going to tape my next set of squats and see what my knee does, clearly there’s something goofy going on here.

Best part about cooking for real and not just making food – leftovers! This time with 100% more kimchi.

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