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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, WOD

Outlaw Way 121105 (I’m Broken)

Outlaw Way 121105 (I’m Broken)

Today was going to be a good day – I went to bed last night and promised myself a good day today. I took the morning off from work, caught up on Sports Center, enjoyed my bulletproof tea, listened to a ton of music and wrote my Mashup Monday post – all good things. Around 11:00 I threw some chicken thighs into the oven to roast, then made some quick grass fed ground beef with kraut and hot mustard for lunch, worked on my mobility for awhile and went into work for a grand total of 90 minutes. Really couldn’t ask for a better Monday so far. Around 3:00, as always, I headed to my box.

More or less felt pretty good warming up, shoulder mobility, hip mobility, warm up row – check, check, check. Can you feel the tension building here? After my barbell warmup shit hit the fan.


BB Gymnastics Snatch
3×1 128
1×1 144
1×1 152
3×1 144
2×1 136

Clean and Jerk
3×1 176.25
1×1 188
1×1 199.75
1×1 211.5
3×1 199.75
2×1 188

Conditioning 3 RFT

50′ burpee broad jump
20 KBS (32kg)
15 C2B
10 Thruster 135#

Warming up my snatch is always a bit like a game of Russian Roulette (+1 if you laughed at that), and never a very comfortable process. Today didn’t really start abnormally, the warmup sets weren’t the smoothest on the planet but light weight usually doesn’t help my mechanics. I didn’t notice a problem until my warmup set at 115#. I wrote this post about discomfort vs. injury a few weeks ago. Today discomfort turned into injury before my eyes. Like a terrible magic trick.

A little history, I’ve had on and off tendonitis in my left arm for years, since my first foray into lifting heavy things. The weird part is it’s neve the same tendons, once it was bicep tendonitis, then tricep, now my epicondyle. At least I think it’s the epicondyle. In any case, 115# felt like fire. As soon as I stood up with it and let go it hurt way more than usual, and the pain was radiating down into my hand. I tried to stretch it out but nothing would help. I probably tried 115 7 or so times – none felt any better and most felt worse. Being the stubborn, tough, non-pussy I am, I tried to move onto clean and jerks, 135 actually felt okay, 165 felt fine too – so I was getting somewhere. My first set for reps was 175 and on the second rep at that weight my left arm blew up, I crumbled under it and couldn’t pick up anything with my left arm, or really straighten it out at all. I decided then not to make it worse, cut my losses and drove home pissed as hell.

After a hot shower, 2 Aleve, a cup of bone broth, and 20 minutes with an ice pack – I can now hold things with my left arm. The physical toll is hopefully minimized, though I’m putting a call into my favorite PT guy tomorrow. The mental toll however is much worse – I’m extremely hard on myself, I was bred from a young age to push myself quite hard, thanks Mom! Leaving the gym today without doing what I had planned was extremely hard to do and something I have maybe only done one or two times outside of today. I can handle rehab, PT, and scaling workouts to get physically healthy again; I might not be able to handle the mental hurdle of it. In any case I’m going to take my own advice and seek medical consultation from persons with more education than my own and in the meantime ice and Aleve..even though I hate NSAIDs – its a necessary evil.

No more indulging my angry piss poor mental attitude. Good things, today was the busiest day yet on the blog – 146 views today, blowing passed last Wednesdays 131. I hope that means people find this shit interesting – cause to me it’s just life, a way to keep track of everything, and something positive to pull me out of moods like this one. I guess I’m trying to say thanks for reading and sorry I suck today. At least the weather was nice.


  1. Hope the arm feels better. Tomorrows a new day!

  2. Bummer. I wondered why you left so quickly yesterday. I hope your arm gets better quickly. I am sure a few days of rest, and some special attention to it will do wonders. Harder than it sounds, I know.

  3. Thanks guys – you da best! Squats today! No elbows involved.

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