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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, WOD

Outlaw Way 121106

Outlaw Way 121106

Compared to yesterday today was a fabulous success, compared to a 100% day, I probably give it about 83%. Obviously my first concern waking up this morning was my elbow, the multiple doses of Aleve and ice packs had accomplished their goal – by this morning I was able to floss without discomfort and the extra compression seemed to really help. So much so that I brought my floss with me to work – got some very strange looks at my cubicle flossing away but it paid off. By the time I got to my box I was fairly confident in my ability to hold things again.

If you get elbow pain, especially during the Snatch or OHS you should watch these videos – they helped me immensely today and now I have some idea of why my elbow goes nuts when I snatch.

Basically what I took away from these is that elbows, similar to knees, can get really junked up by what is going on above and below them. First I work on a computer for several hours a day and never really thought much about forearms, the second video deals with this, de-junking the forearm can do wonders for the sliding surfaces in the elbow. Though this seems to be less likely based on my symptoms. The first video is much more likely, KStar describes in his typical fashion how lack of mobility in the shoulder, specifically a tendency to internally rotate can put monster pressure through the elbow. The analogy he uses is lack of hip mobility forcing the knee to internally rotate and putting terrible forces on the knee. So, similar to kenes out squatting, I need to learn to emphasize proper positioning during the snatch. Position drills here I come!


BB Gymnastics
Snatch off high boxes (hip) 7×1 Nope
C&J Off high boxes (hip) 7×1 175

Every 30 seconds for 2:00 1 low bar back squat 288 5
Rest 3:00
Every 30 seconds for 1:30 288 4
Rest 2:00
Every 30 seconds for 1:00 288 3

5×2 Pause front squats 135
Rest 90

90 sec ME DU
1k row
100 DU
500m row


I focused on a lot of mobility today given my recent issues and the work for the day I thought it a wise decision. I think I’m finally getting somewhere with my hip/ankle mobility because I was able to squat pretty cleanly without much work on this today. It doesn’t sound very exciting but after months of dealing with it any improvement is more than welcome. I also carefully warmed up my shoulders I’m not sure what a good test for this is but before I even touched a barbell I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to hurt myself again. Since snatches caused my issues to begin with, I left those untouched today; I’m more than fine with that. The cleans I also took lightly because I was unsure of my front rack with the elbow being weird but 175 felt fine, wasn’t as heavy as possible but it worked. Then came the squats…

If anyone has questions about low bar back squats please direct them at Mr.Rippetoe – I actually learned quite a bit from this little 5 minute foray into back squat knowledge. The low bar position, if you’ve never done it, which I haven’t, was not natural and did not feel comfortable. It feels like the bar is going to fall right off your back and take your arms with you. Doing it for reps would be one thing, holding it for 4:30 total was another ballgame altogether. Here’s my last warmup set before I bit the bullet…so uncomfortable but definitely see what Rippetoe was talking about.

We’ve done no-rack squats before, in the high bar, they hurt, that bar digs in deep, these hurt in a whole different way, I probably would’ve put the bar down if Jo and Tim weren’t yelling at me the whole time – thanks guys! The weirdness started after this. The axillary nerve runs from the neck out into the deltoid and down the arm. Somehow the position my arm was in holding 288 in the low bar position put a ton of pressure on this nerve because I can’t actually flex my deltoid at the moment. Which I didn’t notice until the front squats, when in the front rack the bar rests on that front deltoid, without that it falls right onto the bone, which hurts quite a bit, and that left shoulder hurt a ton – I barely did 135. So that sucks and I might have to invest some PT time there.

Wrapping up, I did the WOD from 121112 because it had no HSPU’s. It went fine, DU’s suck but I like rowing so yeah. TL;DR elbow fine, shoulder sucks, DU’s blow annnd scene!

Also – check out this sweet link which more means you don’t have to watch the 2013 Games because the math is all there; I’m a nerd, I like math, this was incredibly interesting.

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