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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, WOD

Outlaw Way 121107

Outlaw Way 121107

Today was a creepy crawler…it just inched and inched and never got to the end. It wasn’t helped by the fact that I tested my shoulder every 20 minutes to see if my motor control had come back, spoiler alert, it hadn’t. Whatever; I take shit far too seriously – I need to stop that and just enjoy whats in front of me. I had a ton of fun on twitter today – which sounds weird but I think I finally started using it the way it’s meant to be used. Three years after my first account I figured it out…pretty sure 14 year olds beat me to that one. I guess I really am getting old – as if the stream of injuries assaulting me hasn’t already taught me that lesson.

Weird thing happened today, a photographer from a local “Alive” magazine stopped by the box to take pictures for an article they’re doing and one of the affiliate owners volunteered me as a model. To be clear – I was more than happy to fill that role, but it was right in the middle of me figuring out my push jerks were a I’m pretty sure there is more than one picture of me making my “fuck this shit” face. In any case – shoulder is still not responding to my repeated demands to be in the front rack position but more on that after the Outlaw work.


BB Gymnastics
Power Snatch 10×1 135

Power Clean + Push Jerk 10×1 165

Jumping good morning 3×8 135
Reverse Hypers 3×8 245
DB Seated Strict Press 3×8 N/A

4 x 400M run 1:23:00
Max effort 1:07:00
rest 1:1 1:11:00
Conditioning 1:07:00

First the good news, I snatched today and my elbow didn’t go crazy and forget how to hold a water bottle. The bittersweet, they were just power snatch’s and I’m fairly certain my problem has more to do with shoulder mobility in the bottom which forces the load into my elbow. Damn those mechanics! So at least I was able to do that work. The power cleans were another issue, mostly the push jerk, the clean wasn’t really that bad but it was limited by my push jerk. For reference I can push jerk 195 on a decent day. Today 165 felt like hell. The clean was trivial, but my left shoulder just would not stabilize the weight. So that was frustrating. Not to mention when your anterior deltoid doesn’t activate, the bar lands right on the shoulder joint, which feels like someone putting a cigarette out on your shoulder.

Wednesdays are still my favorite, now they have pure track workouts which are interesting – I love trying new things. Plus I miss old school strength work, and this is about as close as Crossfit workouts get to walking around a gym lifting sets of 8. I’m not the best runner but sets of 400m is my kind of running, I really hate longer runs, I’m not sure if I’m really bad at it or I just get bored and stop trying but they aren’t my favorite. Overall given all my recent issues it was nice to get through a workout without something falling off or losing sensation.

After my WOD came the fun part of the day – Whole Foods! I get nerdily excited when I plan trips to Whole’s like Mecca for people who care what they put in their mouths. There are ingredient lists on everything, strange things like coconut butter and cocoa nibs, and more grass fed meat than I can fit in my freezer. Don’t tell the management but I definitely treat the bulk foods aisle like a sampler tray…don’t worry I’m clean. I also decided to try Kombucha for the first time today – it’s fermented tea I think, I was concerned because it was bright green but it actually tasted pretty good – good for the gut, good for Grizzly! I also filled up on coconut butter, omega-3 eggs, pork andouille and a mess of my own mixture of trail mix (brazil nuts, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, dried cranberry, raisins, dried apricot, dried apple, coconut flakes and cocoa nibs). Clearly I’m extremely pleased with myself. A quality trip to Whole Foods makes my week.


  1. You are so adventerous in your eating!! I don’t even know what half the things you listed are. I need to use you as a guide to better eating.

    Do we have a reverse hyper at the box? (I still want to say gym. I feel like I am way to old and nerdy to call it a box. I’ll keep trying.)

  2. Ahhh kombucha. FYI, great for those pesky hangovers.

  3. I loooove kombucha. And I’ still jealous. And I need coconut butter back in my life.

    • I ran out for 24 hours and almost went into full on withdraws…I hope that never happens again

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