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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recipe

Outlaw Way 121108 (Grizzly in a yoga studio)

Outlaw Way 121108 (Grizzly in a yoga studio)

Today turned out to be an adventurous day…though when I woke up I was not intending it to be it just sort of came out that way. I guess this whole idea of forming positive relationships, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and not settling for the mundane might actually be catching on. The first huge move I made this morning sort of on a whim. I was looking at my bills, because I was bored at work and just about anything beats actual work, and I noticed how much I was paying for TV…it seemed absurd, especially given the amount I watch on my computer, so I was looking to trim that back a little. I figured if I dropped down to the basic package it would cut down on the hours I spend “boob tubing.” Here’s the thing, they charge like $45.00 a month just to have a receiver and HD…no matter what channels you are or aren’t paying for. So I just said “fuck it” and called them up and told them to cancel my TV. The whole thing. I hope there are enough unread books in my apartment to sustain this – I guess my goal is to force myself to do interesting, engaging things that I am passionate about rather than being a vegetable for the sake of it. Cooper is going to miss desperate housewives…he loves that show.

Unexpectedly busy thing number two, Twitter flexing it’s muscles for a second day in a row. I may only have 58 followers, but I love each of them, even if my real life friends don’t fully understand or embrace Crossfit, Paleo or something else, there is someone on twitter who understands. And for everyone one person who understand, there are about 30 who want to sell you something…but if you stick to interactions between like minded souls – it’s a good time. Plus I’m getting some paleo cookies out of it! I’m going to feed one to Cooper first, don’t want to end up that guy who got poisoned through twitter…

Number three, I intended to go home and take a little nap before yoga. I’ve been feeling a bit crummy all week and thought a nap would do me some good. I got home from work and made a cup of bone broth and got a sudden surge of energy…so I figured I’d get some dinner ready in the oven so I wouldn’t have to cook when I got home. This turned out to be a great plan, like I knew what I was doing and actually thought about it – that’s how well it worked out.

Instead of something normal and boring I opted for a challenge – so I grabbed what was around and threw it all in some baking dishes. I peeled and cubed an entire squash, probably about a 7 lb squash…the thing was huge. That was the base layer of my to-be casserole. Then went in 1/2 an onion each, a whole honey crisp apple, fresh jalapeño, 4 links of pork andouille, and topped with 2 fire roasted poblano’s each. The only difference is one baking dish got pumpkin pie spice, and the other just got salt and pepper. Holy balls, that pumpkin pie spice dish is one of the best things I’ve made and put in my mouth. Even after filling two baking dishes I had squash leftover so I baked it with pumpkin pie spice, chili flake and bacon fat…it was hard not to eat that straight. Needless to say there is a food coma headed my way and I accept it with open arms.

So even without yoga I made my way through today just fine, but then there was yoga. Lets break this down a bit, I’ve wanted to try it for quite some time, given that my flexibility, coordination and balance are probably my three worst attributes when it comes to athleticism. I enjoy the challenge and it’s quite a break from the normal snatch, clean and jerk, run your balls off rotation. When I texted my pal Eddie looking for a recommendation, I was excited when he said he was going today and I was welcome to join. I accepted instantly. Not knowing anything about yoga, I was excited that it had the word “power” in the name. Power vinyasa is not restful, learn a few stretches, work on your form, find your center kind of yoga. It is the kind of yoga done in a 90 degree room, with fewer limbs on the ground than in the air (I’m pretty sure it’s a rule even if they wouldn’t say it out loud). I didn’t take any pictures, but let me paint you a picture. 6’2″ bearded stud on a never used yoga mat, sweating profusely, playing an invisible game of twister seemingly by himself and without a board, straining desperately to appear a) attractive to the several good looking girls in the glass and b) not to acknowledge the terrible “cracks” and “pops” his joints were making. I won’t say I’ll never do it again – but I’m definitely looking for more of an “on ramp” experience, that was sort of like showing up to Crossfit the first day and having someone say okay let’s do Fran and DT. I can definitely see the attraction, and I’m keen to learn more, but a power vinyasa, I am not. Props to Eddie though – dude is a beast. I think I’m going to start using the metaphor “Grizzly bear in a yoga studio” more often, it makes perfect sense.

Now onto the daily link roll that I stumbled across in the passed 48 hours or so. I spend a lot of hours on the internet, given the immense amount of really useful information on it, I think it’s fair to give things a decent shake. These are two sites I’ve recently been drawn to and have ended up changing my perspective a bit. First, Move SMRT wrote this post about frustrations he has with sub-par coaching. I could not agree more, since starting Crossfit it has been one of my most ubiquitous and unaddressed concerns about the sport and its long-term sustainability. It’s very well written and I look forward to reading more from this man. Second is a pair of links about the clean and the snatch from California Strength. I hadn’t heard of them until getting rather deep into Outlaw indoctrination and comparing notes with a few people. They are a huge driving force in American Olympic lifting and home to some very strong, very skilled athletes. I highly recommend watching their videos if you are even thinking about competing or taking up Outlaw.

Today was a great day.


  1. I wish there were pictures of the bear doing yoga… Next time!
    We haven’t had cable for about 4 years now. We get Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and 4 public channels (usually this is what we watch). I don’t miss it at all, just get some bunny ears! $15 at Wally world or amazon! Good decision!

    • Haha I’ll practice some poses this afternoon – watch out I got pretty good at them…

  2. Made the switch to no TV no internet at my house in last winter (yes I still have internet access through my iPhone . . .) Not only does my living room look nicer without a giant (or small) black box in a corner it also means I didn’t lose one single sunny Saturday to “Deck Wars” reruns or fill the small break between work and training with ‘The Big Bang Theory’. I found I read a lot more (something I’d stopped doing when I could fall asleep to some streamed TV show online), refinished a dining table and chairs, worked on my garden etc. I have a hectic schedule between work and training so making my home ‘passive’-distraction free made a huge difference.
    Good luck!

  3. I don’t know why I have internet or cable at my apt…I almost never use it because (obviously) I spend a lot of time on it at work! Also, I promise not the nom noms have not been tainted! …yet.

    • I used TV wayyy too much – last night was a refreshing departure! Haha sorry my Mom has ruined by trust in humanity!

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