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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant

Outlaw Way 121109 (Out Sick)

Outlaw Way 121109 (Out Sick)

Might as well get this post going since I’m pretty positive my day is not going to get anymore interesting than it already has. Unfortunately that means my WOD, Friday night plans, and potentially Saturday morning plans are all pretty much down the tube. All week this week I’ve been in and out of feeling like complete shit. A normal rational person would probably take that to mean get some rest, recover and take care of yourself. Me on the other hand, I kept on keepin’ on, heaven forbid I miss a day of Outlaw. Life is like a driver’s ed. car, as hard as I press on the gas, it’s still got its own brake pedal over there to ratchet on when I’m getting out of control. For those who are sick of the metaphor speak, I’m on my couch, in 2 sweatshirts, shivering, it’s cold & flu season after all! I thought I’d gotten away from the cold being passed around the box, but turns out it got me all the same. So given that this blog is about paleo and Crossfit and today I made no progress in either – this will be a very short post in hopes that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Of slight interest, I’ve been intermittent fasting according to the LeanGains protocol for going on almost 2 years now, and I love it. I somehow raised the hypothesis that the size of the meals was ruining my relationship with food, I now believe this hypothesis to be false. In any case, I ate breakfast for the first time today in 2 years. I felt bloated, tired, and altogether out of it all day. Granted I’m sick so this is probably not the best time to be playing with new diets, or old diets. Perhaps I’ll revisit it later, but back on the protocol tomorrow I think – I like it, it keeps life simple, and my relationship is healthy, just unique. Just cause I don’t eat breakfast doesn’t mean I don’t make a nasty butternut squash hash! So good!

Paleo Thanksgiving is coming in less than a week now – take a look at this awesome compilation post Juli over at PaleOMG put together for Turkey Day. Not to “white knight” too hard – but she’s pretty awesome. Too bad I live no where near Colorado.

Crossfit wise – I make no secret of the fact that I have an MWOD addiction. KStar is not only a super chill, easy going, knowledge sharing, supple leopard beast; but also, incredibly giving. Let’s face it – the guy could’ve written 3 books and charged $20 per chapter on some website claiming to have the secrets to a better OHS or the key to unlocking your Olympic lift. Instead he came at this sport and his expertise an entirely different way. Today I found a link to his entire chapter he wrote for “Power Speed Endurance” by Brian MacKenzie. It’s just out there – on the internet – for free. Be sure to download it and keep it on every device you own, just in case you ever need to do some emergency hip mobility, or fix your friends overhead squat mechanics out in the field.

Orchestrated a paleo drug deal on twitter this week – who do you think came out on top, I exchanged a jar of my favorite organic coconut butter for some paleo black and white cookies?? I think I definitely win – though I suppose it depends on how far you live from a Whole Foods…

That’s all I got for today – have a good weekend everyone. Get rested and come back hard next week, that’s my plan at least.

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