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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, WOD

Outlaw Way 121112 (Back in Action)

Outlaw Way 121112 (Back in Action)

Holy balls I’m so full. Quick note, cookies from strangers in the mail are delicious, always accept them and never let them sit longer than 20 minutes or they will evaporate. Jokes aside, I was recently involved in a paleo drug deal in which I traded a jar of coconut butter for some cookies. Somehow they got here today even though they were sent Saturday…its black magic! They were from Karli over at Beastmode, apparently her friends didn’t like them, which shocks me because I couldn’t stop eating them – not a figure of speech. Aside from the noms, today was a bit of a mixed bag. I was happy to be feeling better after my weekend of bouncing between work and the couch intermingled with swigs of Nyquil. Unfortunately the couch does not count as mobility work.

Annnd 20 minutes later…

A couple articles about sitting came across my feeds lately, the first from CrossfitLove entitled “Why Sitting Kills Your Squat” and the second by WellnessFx entitled “Sitting is Killing You.” There is a lot of hyperbole here, but a lot of truth as well. About 2 months ago I switched to a standing desk at work, after about 2 weeks of strange looks from coworkers they got used to it and so did I. I don’t think my squats have fixed themselves, but I can definitely tell the difference between a weekend in a chair and a weekend of standing on my feet. Give it a try you’ll probably like it. This weekend was spent in a chair and today sucked because of it. Sit less, squat more!

Weekend at the office – guaranteed it looks like more fun than it is!


BB Gymnastics
2×1 128
2×1 136
Fail 2×1 144
Fail 2×1 152
Elbow 2×1 144
4×1 128

Clean and Jerk
2×1 180
3 2×1 192
Fail 2×1 204
No attempt 2×1 216
2×1 204
4×1 180

Conditioning 3RFT
3:23:00 5 Over-the-Box Jumps 20″ with alternating Lateral Hurdle Jumps 20″
3:31:00 25 KB Swings 32/24kg
4:15:00 5 Over-the-Box Jumps 20″ with alternating Lateral Hurdle Jumps 20″
25 Pullups

Rest 1:1

Mentally I was finally back to 100% today, all I wanted to do was lift heavy shit and drop it and lift it again. The mind was willing but my body had different ideas. The good news is I didn’t hurt myself, the bad news is I had the coordination of a drunk toddler and the strength of one too. I got up to about 80% of my snatch work before I couldn’t get under the bar. I moved onto cleans which have been touchy since I hurt my shoulder last week. They weren’t quite as bad as last Wednesday but hardly 100% either. I struggled to get under 195 but the jerk was pretty smooth. I tried 204 twice and couldn’t get under the bar either time, so that was the end of that.

Best way to keep track of your footwork – draw circles in chalk, even if you suck at snatching like me

After the BB Gymnastics my mental outlook was not great. It took me about 10 minutes to talk myself into the WOD and I’m glad I did. It felt good to get breathing again and get blood through my muscles. I couldn’t setup the whole box jump ladder that the WOD called for so I simply did 10 lateral box overs, hardly the same work but for today I accepted it. The 2 Pood swings went smoother than expected, went unbroken pretty painlessly. The pullups on the other hand destroyed me, my grip always gets fucked and I can’t hold on for more than 5 or so. Damn I suck. Okay that’s enough of the pity party. At least I was there and I didn’t make anything worse – since the open is pretty far away my focus is long term health now, not short term goals, but PR’s are fun though!

Surprisingly today’s mobility problem wasn’t my hips, it was my calves, or ankles, whichever part hurts the bottom of my squat. I think I focus too much on hips, so tomorrow is all ankle/calf mobility.

This is one of my favorite MWOD’s because it is exactly my problem, the bottom of my squat means I fall straight on my ass. And here are two great videos about foot position and torque. In other mobility news, a friend of the blog, James Harris, is actually a involved in PT and write’s his own blog, so now I’m never squatting in front of him again…but seriously, some great stuff on there. Resources are everywhere people, there’s no excuses, fix your shit.

28 people showed up for 4:30 class today and got some epic work done

Also I’m pretty sure I just committed myself to row 100k between Thanksgiving Day and New Years day – by my math that’s 39 days, assuming I work 5 days a week at it, it’s about 3600m a day. Stay tuned for the updates. If it’s anything like middle school I’ll do 5k the first day, about 1k everyday afterwards and then 80k in the last week. God I hope I learned something from middle school. Check out the hashtag #100kholidayrow on twitter to join up/follow along or just make fun of me. Speaking of making fun of myself, I have until Wednesday to cash in my free yoga class, as if the first attempt wasn’t traumatic enough, I’m thinking about using it but taking something different – anyone who does yoga please let me know what your favorite class is – I’m looking for more of a stretch and less of a workout…

I think I have a problem…


  1. Like I mentioned, maybe you can find someone at your gym to do it with you and team up? 100K is a LOT on your own.

    • I like the challenge – I’m going to try! Worst case I’ve still rowed 80k 😀

  2. hahahahaha, the bear drawing! I didn’t see that at first when I opened this post. Glad you liked them! Keep an eye out for my bakery…someday it will happen 🙁

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