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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Food Porn, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recipe

Outlaw Way 121117 (Back in the Saddle)

Outlaw Way 121117 (Back in the Saddle)

My family has officially left town – I don’t mean to sound overly excited but I am a creature of habit if ever there was one and my habits were way out of tune. WOD’s in the mornings, 24 hours fasts, and meals larger than any human being should eat; I can only take so much. Today was a good combination of a reset and a final hurrah. I’m upset because I did the math and there’s no way for me to get a WOD in today or tomorrow. I really have no reason to be upset though because as I said yesterday I told myself no WOD’s until my shoulder is better…I guess I might be rowing a lot in the near future. We’ll see. Oh yeah and the sun sets at 4:30 now in case anyone was expecting to do things with their afternoon.

I’m still using the Outlaw numbers in my post titles mostly just to keep them straight in my head, there was no way I was going to be able to do the hour long competition today, and I won’t have time tomorrow either and Monday will roll around with fresh work. So really they’re just reminders of how far behind I’m falling…I hate taking time off. What kind of a dishonest, two-faced, blogger would I be if I wrote a post telling people to take time to get healthy and then didn’t do it?! The good news is without WOD’s to distract me and suck up 3 hours a day – there’s plenty of time for fun adventures – like this one!

PaleOMG Bison Burger w/Apple Balsamic Chutney

After missing the only class today at my box, and then working all day I desperately needed something Crossfit or Paleo related to reclaim control over my life. Luckily my sister was in town for another day before schools started back up and she’s very paleo friendly. She picked a recipe from PaleOMG and off to Whole Foods! She was very proud of her work as you can see. We pretty much made it the same as the recipe except we used raw pork spicy italian sausage instead of bacon and white balsamic instead of regular colored balsamic? black? I swear I’m not racist. Also – what is chutney? It’s kind of like a sauce but chunky? chunky sauce? It went really well with the burgers.

Instead of cooking bacon to start I just started straight with bacon fat I had in the freezer, then cooked the onion, added the apple and covered for 5 minutes, added water and balsamic and let it reduce just enough to keep it from being gross and watery. Damn chutney’s are easy.

Be sure to smell your meat for freshness before using it – this is very important! Since bison can be relatively lean I added 2 links of raw pork spicy italian sausage to the 1.5 lbs of ground bison. Added the fresh sage, granulated garlic, salt and pepper. Formed it into 4 patties and into the skillets!

Topped them all with chutney and off to the races! Just about this time I realized I completely forgot my vegetable. Don’t be fooled, I bought 2 pounds of brussel sprouts, I just didn’t do anything with them. My “go to” brussel sprout recipe is sliced in half, tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper mixed with chopped bacon and into the oven at 425, stirring once after about 10 minutes. Instead of bacon this time I used the extra sausage – casing removed. They weren’t ready until it was time for seconds but some veggies is better than no veggies at all!

Look at me! Look how good I am at cooking and stuff! I should have my own TV show where I just take 95% of other people’s recipes and then add sausage and pretend I’m brilliant. Works 30% of the time – every time.

Smell that? That sage smells goooood…

Also before I forget, about 3 months ago I ate a cake – a full on regular, betty crocker from the box cake. It didn’t sit well with me but sometimes a guy just has urges that need to be fulfilled and that night there was nothing between me an that cake (stop. stop right now gutter brains). Tonight there was what I’m going to call 3/8’s of an amazing looking apple pie leftover once the relatives left. What was I going to do – just NOT eat something that looks like this?

No, it just wasn’t going to happen. There was no way I was going to get out of my apartment alive without eating this pie. So I did the responsible thing, sat down during the 2nd quarter of the USC v. ND game with the pie plate and a fork. The pie is gone, and hopefully in another 3 months or so I will have to consume a large number of non-paleo baked things. For now the thirst is quenched. Hi I’m “Jack,” I am Dan’s pancreas, I make insulin when Dan goes on hideous baked good binges. Until tomorrow…


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