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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant

Outlaw Way 121118 (Lazy Sunday)

Outlaw Way 121118 (Lazy Sunday)

I slept in this morning big time – which was awesome because it’s not something I let myself do very often, I typically have things planned, work to get to or WOD’s to squeeze in. Unfortunately that’s about where the good news ends, I’m still not WOD’ing, not that it would matter because I had to work all day, but that meant there was no #100kholidayrow work done, and my left deltoid is still goofed up.

Pity party over, instead of dwelling on that I’ve decided to focus this week on the row, my diet, and (you guessed it) mobility. I spent a solid 3 hours today watching the California Strength guide to squatting, lower body mobility, snatch and clean. I was very surprised by how much new information made it to my notebook. Then I mosey’d over to MobilityWod and started watching ankle mobility and shoulder mobility videos – time to stop giving my hips all the attention. Now the game plan as soon as I post this is to a) find a way to hold a 10 minute squat in my apartment b) mobilize everything! c) retest and watch football. God I hope I can WOD again soon – otherwise these posts are going to get very dull.

P.S. The sugar detox starts tomorrow; though I’m really not concerned about it because I eat almost no sugar already and stick to 100% paleo minus the entire cake/pie/cheesecake I eat every 3 months.

Oh yeah I almost forgot – I decided I’m going to include an M/F/S number with my posts for people who are too lazy to read – basically it’s Mood, Fatigue, Soreness based on Outlaw Way standards. 10 is bad, 1 is good.

MFS [4-2-1]

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