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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Outlaw Way 121120 (Heavy Things!)

Outlaw Way 121120 (Heavy Things!)

Needless to say I’ve been stewing a little not being able to do the BB gymnastic work or the WOD’s – but today was prescribed squats which I needed desperately for psychological reasons. Rowing can only get you so far. Speaking of rowing I’m already 1/4 of the way through the 100k challenge, I huffed my way passed the 25k mark today. That leaves me with 28 days to row 75k which is less than 3k a day if I row everyday. I’ll probably start splitting them up into smaller chunks, and no rowing on Thursday I think because I’m going to do a 1k test on Friday with Karli from KFB and then retest closer to Christmas to see if all this rowing helped. My last 1k for time was 3:14 and change – I’d really like to hit 3:10 , it’s such a nice round number. That would put me at 1:35/500m which is not slow…stay tuned.


Back Squat: EMOM for 5 minutes – 2 reps @ 85%

85% of 320# = 275#

7X2 1&1/4 Front Squats – heaviest possible, rest 60 seconds.

Look at how pathetic that looks…ugh. The squats were fine, I’m still not comfortable with low bar position and did at least one set with the bar too high and pinched on my scapula rather than below it. Not to mention my wrists hurt with the fury of 1000 suns, my shoulders lack the proper mobility to do these so it falls on my wrists to pick up the slack – gonna have to watch some MWOD videos about that one. The last set was a grinder, apparently taking 4 days from lifting means my legs get sour. I put the front squats on there because I intended to do them, but I tried a set at 135# and couldn’t hold a front rack, so that wasn’t happening.

Oh look – just checked the Outlaw work for tomorrow and there’s rowing!

Row: 3X1K – rest 1:1 – 30 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

Considering I can’t do any of the strength work, might as well do the conditioning. Speaking of Outlaw Way – I got an e-mail back about remote coaching, once I pay them of course, I should be good to go – really looking forward to improving ALL THE THINGS! The Outlaw open is this weekend, we have two guys going coach David and Tim you might remember from HOA. The entirety of the open will be streamed live on ustream – I will likely watch the whole thing repeatedly.

The week of mobility continues which is also a good thing. Given the time and no pressure to actually do any olympic work is nice. It lets me focus on the specific issues and how my joints feel. Specifically my ankles and hip capsules. I think I’m finally making progress on my hips, they’ve been haunting me for at least a year now. I think as soon as I can clear them up my Olympic work is going to improve nicely as I feel that is the biggest issue when considering speed under the bar. Look at any picture of an Olympian lifter at the bottom of a snatch. Here’s one.

Look at his ankles! Look at his everything. The amount these athletes and compress their systems is incredible. Knee’s out, hips wide, foot active and ankle loose and supported. I’m wildly jealous (no homo). Still think mobility isn’t important??

Also – watch this video series posted by CrossfitHQ of Matt Chan talking about Zone diet and eating for performance. There’s a lot I disagree with but also a lot of good information and things to consider. I’ll get more into this on a rest day sometime.

100k Holiday Stats: 25,056m in 1:44:20.9

MFS | 5-3-2

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