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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant

Outlaw Way 121122 (Smash Those Calves)

Outlaw Way 121122 (Smash Those Calves)

It has been nearly a week since my last WOD or Olympic lift – I’m approaching the inflection point of my tolerance for this. Mobility is great, and very neglected and something I clearly need more of, my hips and ankles are slowly getting better. Honestly, there’s only so much to mobilize and only so much rowing that will occupy me before the urge to lift something heavy becomes depressing. Should I be thankful that I am where I am, have full use of my limbs, no chronic illness, a roof and a job – absolutely, and I am. Perspective people, help me find some, no more moping! Let’s see where my crossfit obsession drove me today.

Today’s mobility work was ankles and calves. Today I actually stood on my empty lunch container to stretch my calves at my desk. It probably looked more than a little odd. In my defense it was the only thing around and my calves are a mess – they need the love. When I got to the box I tried a new one – the “dorsiflexion blaster” which now I can’t find the video for on MWOD but its basically torture. That tiny women’s bar just digs into my calves and finds every little bit of torturous grizzly bits. I didn’t do nearly as much hip work, but I’m actually starting to get some travel out of my calves – but my ankles still hate me, I can’t get my knees very far outside of my feet at all. Work in progress. Today I think I did KStar proud.

Somehow I missed the fact that the boys of Barbell Shrugged came to my fucking city, and did a feature in my old haunt – The Lab Gym. If you like Olympic lifts, people who are really fucking good at them, and want to hear some cool dudes talk about them for the better part of an hour – check out the video. It got me through a major portion of the afternoon today.

I’m also thankful that tomorrow is pay day! Getting paid monthly is a blessing and a curse, you’re rich for approximately 48 hours, then all the checks you wrote to pay your bills clear, and you’re poor again. The rest goes to food, crossfit, this blog and the weekend trips to Whole Foods that serve as my social life. This is not a complaint, I love my life and the way it works, but man if I could keep that paycheck for a little bit longer I’d be really fucking excited. Oh well – I guess that’s life, maybe I’ll get a raise or win Powerball or something. Something I’m excited about – “Meat Cereal” I read recipes almost all day, I think I’ve finally been inspired. I love chili but without the beans it’s just like meat soup, so I wanted to fill the extra space with more meat. Obviously you can’t just throw a bunch of meat in a pot with some tomato’s but I’m working on it.

Final thoughts – anyone use compression for recovery? I have a pair of UA Leggings and a long sleeve UA shirt but I don’t really consider it for recovery, mostly just for when its cold out. This company from Australia – BSC Compression makes some sweet looking stuff, but its expensive and I’m not sure I’m worth it. Or that it will make a huge difference. You can get the stuff in the US from BK Athletics but I’m still not convinced it’s worth $300. I’ll stick with my Outlaw Remote Coaching for a couple months and we’ll see I guess. Sidenote; I think I’m about to start eating way more, not an obscene amount such that I’d just get fat and strong in equal amounts, but after watching all those Matt Chan videos I’m convinced I could be getting more out of my training with a few more sweet potatoes. That magical fruit.

100k Holiday Row Progress: 32,096m 2:11:50.3

MFS | 5-2-2


    • Haha did you just quote a recipe from PaleOMG to me?? I’m…I’m just so proud…

    • Thanks man I’ll take a look – Have you used it personally? Do you like it?

      • I haven’t yet, but I plan on getting some soon. There are a few reviews on the CrossFit Board, so you can check those out for some real world opinions.

        • Will do – thanks!

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