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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 121123 (Payday!)

Outlaw Way 121123 (Payday!)

Today was a good day, though I’m not sure if it was real or just cosmetic. Today was payday – so it was sort of artificially inflated. Outside of that it was still a good day – but in different ways than I normally define them. Let me explain.

On Wednesday – I proposed that KFB and anyone else doing the 100k Holiday Row do a 1k test to see if all these hours of rowing would help improve. From what I can tell from Twitter it was just KFB and I. The last 1k I rowed was 3:14 and that was back in September, since then I’ve really wanted to get below 3:10. When I got to my box this morning at 5:30 (thanks to Karli who insists on doing things before the sun rises) I rowed a quick 500 to get my legs under me, stretched my calves, hips and shoulders took a deep breath and went for broke. I’ll say this, I’ve always been a sprinter, it’s my personality, I’m very headstrong, lean into it type of thinking. My first two splits were 1:28 and 1:29 respectively – my third split was 1:35, slower but still respectable, my last split; 1:48…huge drop off. That’s what happens when you don’t leave anything left. By the end of that row my legs were pumped with battery acid, my lungs felt like I was inhaling gravel through a straw, and my arms were spaghetti – pretty sure that’s what max effort means. Goal attained – PB 1k 3:07.3

The 1k test was tough but hardly the only thing I was prepared to do today, so after catching my breath and coughing up a few internal organs I warmed up to squat. I wasn’t quite sure how much I’d be able to handle but my legs came back pretty nicely so after a sets with the bar I did some pretty heavy work on my low bar squat really trying to focus on my mobility and movement patterns that don’t go around my issues in the ankle or hip.

ME 1k Row – 3:07.3

Low Bar Back Squat
275×2, 275×2, 275×2, 275×2, 275×2
225×5, 225×5
13510, 135×10, 135×10

So for most people that would be enough, but after work I felt the urge to catch up on some mobility. I didn’t do nearly enough this morning before having to leave for work, so I went back to the box hoping no one would recognize me from the morning. A quick chat with friend or the blog, James Harris, revealed some interesting new mobility tricks that hopefully he will post soon and that I can site here. So I played with my calves and ankles again for another 45 minutes – I won’t lie this was more of a social gathering than anything – I like my 4:30 crew. All the same I jumped back on the rower for another 3k and turned in for the weekend.

My box is dangerously to both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, less than 2 minutes from each. I have to resist the urge to go everyday. Today I indulged since I hit a PR and it was payday and I was happy, plus I’m still working on the ingredients for a couple recipes I hope to post soon depending on how they taste. Suddenly after Thanksgiving there’s no more butternut squash – what gives? I’ll check a few more stores but I’m kind of stunned.

Post ROW PR Track

Squatting tunes

As far as Outlaw Way goes – I’ve been slacking in that department, this injury is really crushing my spirits. I just confirmed today my remote coaching with Spencer from Outlaw – hopefully with a clean bill of health on Monday from the Sports Injury guru I can get back to at least moderate technique work. Otherwise I’m going to get really good at rowing and squatting – neither bad, just mundane. I promise I will stop complaining about it soon. I just want to lift heavy and eat a shitload again. I might by farmer carry yokes for our box as a Christmas present, they’re apparently amazing for core stability…food for thought.

38,123m 2:37:52.6

MFS | 2-5-4


  1. Box Xmas present is a good idea, holler if you want contributions.

    • Haha bought them last night! So pumped to use them. Bodyweight carries next week! You in?

  2. Holy Crap I want to marry you (yes i’m a creepy puma) for buying those yokes. I hope you expedited the shipping so we can play with those soon.

    • Haha normal shipping – they should still get here late next week I would imagine coming from Ohio it’s usually pretty quick.

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