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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Paleo Lifestyle, Recipe

Outlaw Way 121124 (Meat Cereal)

Outlaw Way 121124 (Meat Cereal)

In order of priority of things I have to talk about today are 1)Costco 2)Twitter 3)Impulse Crossfit Purchases 4)Cooking and 5)Training. I will briefly explain this order, I eat a lot of food, like most reasonably young, active, Paleo enthusiasts it takes a good amount of food to satiate and even more to make gains. I don’t weigh or measure but I am undoubtedly consuming a surplus of 200g of protein a day, at least 70-80g of fat, and minimal carbs from veggies, I would guess my daily caloric load is anywhere from 2200-3500 a day. This necessitates a lot of quality food, and surprisingly he prices at Costco are hard to beat and the Paleo selections are getting better every time I go. It has quickly become the highlight of my monthly shopping budget.

Twitter is a funny little bug, if you don’t use it, no one finds you and you quickly give up. So there is a bit of a launch curve as you build a base of like minded people, interact with them, and slowly but surely people find you and your tweets. The power of twitter is how quickly you can connect with a complete stranger. Take for instance Mike Bledsoe from Barbell Shrugged, within a few hours of following him I have a tentative plan to lift with the guy! Or Coach Winchester, who received and read my tweet on the Outlaw Open livestream all the way from Missouri to California. Twitter catches a bad rap because a lot of teenagers use it to tell the world how dumb they are and professional athletes use it to start arguments but for those of us in the middle it can be really fucking awesome and a great way to discover new resources. (P.S. I have some pretty serious man crushes right now on the guys…no homo)

As I mentioned yesterday was payday for me – most people would probably consider their paycheck and how they spend it something rather personal; but I don’t really care. Whatever money I don’t spend on bills, I spend on one of two things, Crossfit and food. Since today was food day, last night was Crossfit day. RogueFitness might as well just setup direct deposit for me, there’s always something I can find to give them money for. Watching the Barbell Shrugged podcast about core stability, they mentioned that heavy ass farmer walks are great for midline stability, so I bought a set of farmer walk handles, a new Lucas Parker t-shirt, and a replacement pair of switfwick socks. Then a couple hours later I remembered the Lift Big Eat Big store had some fucking amazing shirts, so I bought 5 of them…and then 2 sweatshirts…in ridiculous neon colors. Not the most practical attire for a 24 year old guy but fuck it – I’m gonna look fly. Damage done – a little under $500 shipped.

I love cooking. I love to take recipes from places like PaleOMG, Health-Bent, NomNomPaleo, and others and put them together or make them my own. I try to make at least one recipe a week, there’s only so long a guy can live on whatever is in the freezer – I eat a lot of frozen broccoli, but it’s organic (thanks Costco)! In any case – today I remade my garlic, ginger & habanero pork shoulder recipe from a few weeks ago but this time I added some roasted red pepper to the slow cooker sauce to give it a bit of a different flavor. So far it smells amazing.

The second recipe is really the one I’ve been nursing for awhile. This one first hit paper about a week ago and I’ve been tinkering with ideas for it since. I started with my old chili recipe which I haven’t made in over a year because of the beans. Then I compared that to a couple of the chili recipes from around the blogging world – for the most part they’re pretty close, onion, tomato, garlic, some kind of meat and some spices. Cool easy enough, but then I read a recipe for more of a stew type dish and I thought it might be fun to try and throw them together. Thus GrizzlyStrong Meat Cereal was born. I basically made a really good chili, took out the beans, and replaced them with more meat. Again – its in the slow cooker as we speak (yes I have two going at once) but as soon as it comes out I’ll post the full recipe and my verdict on both recipes.

Finally is my training. Saturday’s are always tough because all the classes at my box are in the morning, and quite often I am forced to work Saturday mornings, thus by the time I’m free around 2:00 there’s no hope of a WOD. Not that that matters because I’m still holding off until I get the thumbs up from the Doc on Monday. In any case – I didn’t do anything active today, that’s not the interesting part though. For the first time in almost 3 weeks I flexed my anterior deltoid, it is far from 100% and seems to be intermittent but its better than nothing and makes me feel better about taking the time off to get things right. Hopefully after another day of heavy squats and rowing tomorrow I’ll be able to actually get some work done on Monday. For now the plan is just another 5k row and some form of high volume lower weight squat, I was thinking 100 @ 135# for time…

100k Holiday Row: 38,123m 2:37:52.6

MFS | 3-3-3

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