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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 121226 (Righting the Ship)

Outlaw Way 121226 (Righting the Ship)

As I guessed the holidays got completely crazy and there wasn’t really any hope of me writing a post, I managed one workout on the 24th, which I’ll get to later. I’ll just cut right to recapping the weekend.

The 22nd was the 134th Veiled Prophet Ball. I’m not really sure how I can even describe this to someone if you have no reference for it. The Veiled Prophet society has been around since 1868, it’s a fraternal organization in the truest sense of the word. Every year they hold a ball where 19 year old women are presented as members of society. It all sounds a bit crazy, but now its all about traditional and its a huge deal for Saint Louis and those involved, including my father and sister. The night starts at 7:30 with the presentation which goes until roughly 10:00, at which point there is a cocktail hour, and dinner is served around 11:00, after a father daughter dance. Then you dance until 5:00 AM when breakfast is served, at which point you’re allowed to pass out. So Saturday and Sunday were tough days, but fantastically fun. I already posted my workout from Saturday morning – where I
got my first muscle up.



Sunday involved waking up on 4 hours of sleep, driving home to a family full of relatives, and in general doing little to nothing until 4:00 when my box opened. My goal for the day was to keep working on my shoulder mobility, as my left shoulder, trap, neck area is still bothering me, and prove that I could do a muscle up still and didn’t just get lucky one day. Total muscle ups now up to 3. I also did snatch and clean work with the barbell, my form was pretty crappy, as I expected. Then I rowed 2k to get a little closer to the 100k holiday row total. It was a hodge-podge of a day but it worked out I guess.



Monday was the last day to finish the 100k holiday row and there was only 12k left, I say only rather naively as that’s nearly an hour of rowing. My knee was feeling pretty good from the work on Sunday so I did some light squats and started up some lower body mobility work. I ended up just using 115 to sort out how far I’d slid on my squats, nothing to actually work strength. Then I rowed 12k and finished the 100k challenge in 6:48:09.6 – honestly it feels good to be done with it. It’s been nice having something to focus on while injured but the way I ended up having to complete it took away from the fun of it and trying to improve.




Christmas Eve at our house is a giant Swedish tradition, if you know anything about that part of the world, everything is in cream sauce. I held little hope for Paleo, there were two things I knew I could eat, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and Lutefisk, which is cured Cod that is soaked and steamed. The end product becomes a lot like jello, but awful cured fish flavored jello. Turns out hosting our entire family was driving my Mom crazy and my Paleo-ness was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so I broke down and had some potato sausage, and some things in cream sauce. That opened the flood gates though, and let’s just say the holiday cookies didn’t even see me coming. I felt sick all night. Learned that lesson…not.

The damage from Monday night was hardly under control. While I managed to keep up my fasting, after 8 eggs for lunch, I broke into the cookies again, and the fruit-nut bread, and the green bean casserole at dinner. Prime rib though…so fantastic, and 100% paleo. Thus ending the 24 hours of too much coffee, tons of cookies, and family recipes. One day when I have my own family our traditionals will be more Paleo, but for now these will do. Other than eating, and playing cards, I did absolutely nothing with my day – I think thats what Christmas day was invented for.



My relatives left our family home this morning, I had two options, drag my gluten brain, hungover butt to work, or detox, sleep, and get my head right. I went with the later. I watched the latest Barbell Shrugged podcast, made some broccoli and chicken breast, and fell asleep watching a movie about Ancestral Health. Unfortunately no matter how much water, Emergen-C, and greens supplements I took, my headache wouldn’t go away. I sucked it up and hit the box about 3:30. I rowed 500m, did some double unders, did my banded shoulder mobility, banded hip mobility, KB calf stretch.


15 min Snatch drills – 75#
15 min clean and push jerk – 115#

3×10 Squats 145#, 165#, 175#

Metcon from 121219
4 Min ME Burpee Box Jumps (49)
– Rest 2 Min –
4 Min AMRAP of
20 OH Plate Walking Lunge 45#
20 Abmat Situps
– Rest 2 Min –
2 Min ME Burpee (24)

My conditioning sucks, I hate burpees, my squats feel very rusty. It felt Great to be back though. Righting the ship big time today. Don’t want to go back to work tomorrow though…

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