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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, WOD

Outlaw Way 121227 (Buck Furpee’s)

Outlaw Way 121227 (Buck Furpee’s)

Going to bed last night I was already pretty tightened up from 121226, the 3×10 squats and the OH plate lunges got my legs good even though the weight was pretty light for my usual load. Thursday is normally a rest day under Outlaw but given the holiday I think Rudy’s idea was to have us make up for all the holiday badness. I definitely had some making up to do. The WOD for the 25th was run 5k or 150 burpee’s. Obviously the less shitty of the two is running a 5k, bu its cold and it’s about 10 minutes longer than 150 burpee’s. Not to mention, if you’re afraid of a WOD, that probably means you need do it. With those goals in mind I decided pretty much right away to do the 150 burpee’s.


150 Burpee’s for time | 13:15

There are a number of things wrong with this, not to get negative right off the bat but 13:15 is pretty damn slow, the guy I did the WOD with was done in under 8:00 and most times on outlaw are sub-10. Yes I’ve been out of the metcon game for awhile so my conditioning isn’t great, but my efficiency is pretty bad as well. My long femurs make the movement difficult to do well. Watch a guy like Chris Spealler do them, he basically sands up with his legs straight already, mine look more like mountain climbers…guess its just one more thing to add to the list.

Time for a rant…I hate this time of year, not because it gets busy, or temptations are everywhere, but because everyone comes out of the woodwork with their plans to get fit, or be better. It’s a common trend, the gym gets really busy for 4 weeks or so, and it slowly trails back to normal. Those four weeks are awful though. I’m really not that butt hurt about it, but we all know it’s coming. I guess my gripe is that New Years “Resolutions” are inherently flawed, if you want something, you should be inspired to drive yourself regardless of what month it is. It’s almost an immediate recipe for failure, I’d rather set a goal and a deadline than a random list of things that are vaguely attainable just because it’s 2013 now. Maybe they’re good and I just do it wrong…

It does feel fantastic to be back on my regular diet and routine, even if that includes going back to work.

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