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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 130102 (Resolutionists Beware)

Outlaw Way 130102 (Resolutionists Beware)

Today was a pretty good day – though most days that start at 8:30 and involve me not going to work are pretty good. Out of boredom I threw some chicken thighs in the slow cooker with some coconut milk, red curry paste and tomato paste; turned out fantastic. I know you were all wondering. My plan to get out of the house more is working, canceling cable is magnificent on a day like today, by 10:00 AM there is absolutely crap on TV, so I went and grabbed a coffee and read a couple of great articles I found through twitter. The more I use twitter the bigger a fan I am, I’m made some truly great relationships there – which seems weird in 140 character increments, but I guess that’s how the world works now. The first article I read was about taller lifters. It’s well written and makes a ton of sense, though I now know a lot of it, 6 months ago I could’ve learned a few more lessons the easy way.

T-Nation “The Truth for Tall Lifters”

The second article which hit a lot closer to home for me these days, is about resolutions, and the people that make them. It sums up perfectly, though rather bluntly, how I feel about the whole notion. It’s a solid year old now, but none-the-less true.

SPOILER “If you’re the kind of person that wants to grow, to prosper, if you want to make a permanent improvement in your life, if you can find the testicular fortitude to be honest with yourself then get naked and get happy, 2012 really is going to be your year.
If not then fuck off, I don’t want you reading my site.”

Modern Paleo Warfare: The Last Post You’ll Read Here


BB Gymnastics
1) 12 minutes to establish a 1rm Power Snatch. (155#)

2) 12 minutes to establish a 1rm Power Clean & Push Jerk. (185#)

1a) 5X3 Snatch First Pulls – heavy, rest 45 sec. (185-205#)
1b) 5X3 Pendlay Rows – heavy, rest 45 sec. (185-205#)
1c) 5X3 Split Press – heavier than last week, rest 45 sec. (115-134#)

Row: 4X500m – rest 2:1 – 30 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

I struggled with the snatch today, as I do most days, but I have a good idea of how to improve. My pulls from the floor are a little out of control, from the knees to the hips the bar travels a bit to far in front, instead of pulling back and into my hips, I’m pulling up and then bringing my hips to the bar. This leaves the bar far in front of me, such that by the time I get to try and catch it, it’s so far in front of me I have no hope of getting under it. The frustrating part is the pull is more than strong enough, I get the bar to my eyes, which is more then enough to snatch it. I’m hopeful with a little more focused work I can get this solved and will see a nice jump in my snatch numbers.

The clean work was fine, my power clean is well above 185, but my push press is not. I’m limited in two main areas, first is ankle mobility which limits the dip/drive force I can generate, though that is quite minor. The second is the re-dip of the jerk, when splitting I can get low reasonably quickly, but the push jerk leaves less room for error here, and I end up pressing out at the top. Likely shoulder mobility is the chief culprit here but the ankles and calves come in too. 185# was the most I could really safely get under and I even dropped that my first attempt.

Wednesdays are probably more important than I give them credit for, especially given the areas I struggle in. All the strength work today is meant to create strength and comfort in various positions of olympic work. Given my propensity to curve at the back these are easily some of the best exercises for me to be doing. And yet I struggle to take them seriously and push myself. Partially this is me still recovering and getting into the Outlaw volume, partially I’m just being a pussy. My back looks okay here – not great…

The rowing I actually enjoy quite a lot. 500m/splits is something I would easily do myself if I had no idea what Outlaw or Crossfit was. Also my rowing times are pretty comprable to what I was pulling before my injury, which is a healthy sign. My biggest problem with Wednesdays is that I leave feeling like I have more to give…which is obviously not the way I would want to go home.

My remote coaching picks up again now after the 1st so I’m looking forward to what Spencer has to say about my recent work. Liking the idea of improving technique wise, as I believe I have a good base strength that isn’t properly expressed in my current olympic totals.


Saw The Hobbit today with my sister. I understand what people are saying about the frame rate being too high – it definitely messes with your eyes. I don’t like it for the same reason I don’t like 3D movies. The physics principals employed go right against our evolution, our eyes were meant to focus on 3D objects where they sit, when you watch a 3D movie the plane of focus is the screen, then suddenly objects jumping out force your eyes to focus in a way they weren’t designed to, on an object coming at you that isn’t a physical object. The same is true with this new format, our eyes capture images at 30 fps, any slower and you perceive a “flicker” any faster and feel as though you’re missing things, there are motions that are too fast for us to perceive but the brain fills in the blanks, it’s crazy. Science rants are kind of my thing…sorry.

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